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Hello and intraduction..

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A month from finding out i have SCC on right tonsil with lymphnodes involved. update day 5 in hospital for prep work.  I now have a tracheostomy a port and a peg. Did all as precautions cuz was not breathing at night when sleeping. Going to dr kremple and dr boguardus and dr razoc at the stephenson cancer center. Might have messed up names on drs.  looking at I thonk 2 days and get out of here. Looking at starting chemo and radiation Monday or wed.   Going to have to move to okc cuz too far to drive daily.  So the journey begins and im trying to stay very positive.  Have an amazong wife here and mom here to help. Lots of friends visiting or facebook msg me keeping spirits up. 


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Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry that you find a need to be here.

It sounds like you and your team have a good plan and are getting started on ridding you of this thing.  Chances are in around 2 months rads and chemo will be behind you.  For now you may want to check out the Superthrerad for valuable information (it can be found as first post on home H&N page).

As questions pop up feel free to ask, we have a lot of “hands on” experience here.  You r wife is more than welcome too, caregivers make-up a major part of our clan.

What you have is very curable, so try to maintain a survivor’s attitude.

Remember, head off nausea, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, use your PEG as needed for nourishment and don’t forget to swallow.

It will be alright, you will be ok.


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I also had to move to get my treatments done, as the drive for me would have been about six hours, one way.  So we just found a place to rent, packed up a trailer load of stuff, and hunkered down in our new home to get the job done.  We were there for about four months.  Just take it one day at a time, and before you know it, you'll be on the mend.  And back sleeping in your own bed.



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I too was STG III SCC Right Tonsil and a Lymphnode involved...

Tonsils out, port installed....sixteen weeks of four types of chemo and the pretty much standard 35 daily rads...

That all started January 2009, and I've been clean and clear since finishing up treatment, four years ago yesterday...18JUN2009.

You'll make it through, and in a year or so this will all seem like a bad dream...



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Ingrid K
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Welcome to the group.  You've already heard from the Welcoming Committee (Matt, LTS and Skiff).

We are all survivors who have walked the trail ahead of you....some of us more than once.

The treatment sucks big time,  but it is doable.  As Matt said, read the Superthread.  It is full of good advice, tips on coping with the chemo and radiation, things you should have on hand, things you can try to eat, etc.

It sounds like your team has a sound plan and has given you everything you need (before you need it).  Many of us are pros with things like trachs, ports and PEGs......just ask us.

Make the move to be by the hospital.  It will make the whole thing much easier on you and your wife in the long run.

You are also fortunate to have a loving caregiver and family by your side.  I know that I would not be here today without my hubby of 19 years and my golden retriever of 6.

I also sent you a private message regarding finding me on Facebook if you'd like.

Wishing you the best,




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Also sorry you had to find us but glad you did. I was very fortunate to have a satellite tx center a block or two from my house.  It's a difficult journey without adding travel time everyday or relocation. I hope your journey is an easy one with few side effects. You can read the super thread about the side effects but will find that you don't get all of them and they come in varying degrees. I never experienced nausea but I took the anti-nausea meds as prescribed. Hydration and nutrition are key! That's a great task to put your wife and mother in charge of.  

God bless,

Candi in St Louis

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Hi Tony,

Praying for you as you begin your treatments... I know it will be a tough road, but staying positive is good!  A lot of people seem to be diagnosed with the type of cancer you have so I'm sure you will heal up just fine.  My dad was diagnosed with nasal cancer and one lymph node involved.  He started treatments roughly 2 weeks ago.  People on here have been great for advice.  Stay positive Tony!  We are all thinking of you!


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Hi Tony,

As you have found here, you are not alone! I am a caregiver to my loved one that was dx in Aug 2012. His dx was SCC BOT (base of tongue), with lymph node involvement (all same side), HPV16+, Stage IV. His tx was 7 wks Rads (Daily) and Chemo (Carboplatin & Paclitaxel) (once weekly). No surgery. PEG was inserted during the middle of tx as he lost a great deal of weight. Tx ended at the end of November and scan in February showed NED (No Evidence of Disease).

You will find this tx is hard, but is completely doable. When the going gets rough, be sure to check in with us (or your caregiver) and we can help any way we can. You will also get many longer time survivors that chime in from time to time....they are the blessing for all of us newer folks and are very helpful in keeping us all positive. It seems this forum tends to keep a lot of the same folks around to give back and help the ones coming in.

You will have a good outcome! Come here for peace and a lift whenever you need it!


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tony, welcome.  sorry u need 2 b here but u will find lots of info and encouragement as u go thru ur journey.  it will be a rough road but u will get thru it.  come here as often as u need to, for info, questions, to vent, whatever.  the people here r very helpful.  good luck with ur journey and keep us posted on ur progress.


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Hey Tony, hate to welcome you to the family, but you came to the right place for good people, lots of support and great advice as most of us speak from experience . I also was diagniosed with scc with spreading to the nodes stage4a. I live in Oklahoma City and would be more than happy to visit with you or keep you company during chemo.  Very smart move getting the PEG and port! I personally had my PEG replaced with a Mic-key button after the first month . You will be a lot more comfortable. The Mic-Key saved my life as I couldn't eat for 3 months. I would love to tell you it's easy but I would be lying. You are in for a tough battle my friend but you came to the right place. Feel free to call me , my number is 405.501.4496. Head up, stay positive And trust God! 

In Christ, Kevin 

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Sorry you have to join our group but it has been a wonderful source and information and support for me and others.  I have SCC on base of throat, metastisized to lymph nodes on both sides of neck.  I had bilaterial neck disection to remove the affected lymph nodes, tonsillectomy and disection of tumor on tongue.  I completed 30 weeks of radiation therapy two weeks ago and now looking forward to turning the corner.  Take the time to review the SuperTHread, search the discussion board for key words you have questions about, and whenever you need to post a new question and people will give you plenty of good information.



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