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No hormone therapy??

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Hoot Owl
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Hi All,

I've had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago.  Clear margins and no lymph node involvement.  Just met with my onco a couple days ago.  He is running some more blood work, genetic testing, and has scheduled a PET scan on Thursday.  Also will be taking Rads for 30 days.  I have tried to educate myself about breast cancer, but sometimes reading is a little overwhelming.  I was just wondering if anyone has had a lumpectomy and rads and No hormone therapy. I am very nervous about all the side affects that come along with hormone therapy.  Not sure if my onco will say I need it, but I'm just trying to be prepared before making a decision. 


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I chose not to take hormone therapy Debbie.  I was suppose to take Tamoxifen, but after I read all that I could about it, I said no for now.  It was my choice and what I felt was best for ME. 

I also had a lumpectomy and rads, no chemo, as, I had clear margins and clean nodes.

I know I am among the minority in not taking any hormone therapy, but, we all have to do what we feel is right for our own personal life. 

I've always said that if bc should come back, I would not regret my decision at all.  After all, there would have been no guarantee with it and I've seen so many that still got mets after taking it. 

Talk to your onco, educate yourself about it and do what is right for you. 

You can always start it and stop it if you want.  And, you can also not take it for awhile and start it at a later date.

You have choices.

Good luck,




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I had lumpectomy, rads and on tamoxifen-just finishing my 5th yr -I don't think that is considered hormone therapy



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Tamoxifen is hormone therapy for breast cancer Denise.  Also the Aromatase inhibitors are too.  Congrats on the 5 years!


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