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Just Wishing For A Break(Not Cancer Related)

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This is not cancer related, but has been another day of extreme sadness for my family and me. We were preparing to go to the cabin to list it with a realtor.

My son's dog was all happy & excited as she likes to travel. As she's done a hundred times before, she leaped for the Jeep seat. She lost her grip and fell flat on her stomach on the pavement. He had to lift her into the jeep and get her out when he arrived at my house. She was lethargic and just out of it, so we rushed her to the vet. It was discovered that she had a mass on her spleen & it had ruptured. Although it was very expensive, I told the vet to try & save her. She made it through the surgery, but had lost a lot of blood & could not recover even with transfusions. The vet & staff tried everything but they could not save her.

This is just almost too much for my son. Losing his dad last month & now his best buddy. She went everywhere with him & my grandson, who is also grieving.

Her name was Brownie & she was only a "mutt" but we loved her very much.

Thanks for listening.



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I am so sorry for your loss. We become so attached to our pets. They become part of the family. The timing is so unfortunate. More grief is not what you guys need. Hope you get a break soon.


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That brought tears to my eyes, my pets are like family.  I feel such sorrow for your son's loss.  I'm so sorry.  May things get better soon, you've had enough!

Winter Marie

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I'm so sorry to hear about your new loss. It's to hard to understand why all these things happen. Everyone stay strong jeff

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I'm putting my arms once again around you, dearest!!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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I feel your pain and your loss.  I lost my  kitty Simon (his pic is on my expressions page) after having adoped him 14 years ago.  He had developed diabetes and despite my best efforts at daily shots and blood testing it went out of  control.  Our hearts were truly broken for he was our little buddy even sitting in the sink as I made dinner.  This happed Octobr 7th and then I lost George October 29th. 

I am so sorry for your son's and your family's loss. 

Hugs - Tina

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Hi Tina. I love cats. We have a big, orange guy, named Oscar. We've had him 16 years. I went to your expressions page to check out your cat. Very nice looking cat. But I can't get over George. He looked exactly like the picture in my mind. I'm sure you miss miss them both a great deal.


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Please refer to my off topic rant from last night. I feel you.

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I'm also very sorry as well, Mama...

You couldn't see that one coming.  I wish something could have been done to save her.  I know everyone really tried, all of you.

It's still heartbreaking, because you have been through so much this past year....and there seems to be something at every turn.  Sometimes, it feels like the harder we try - the more things work against us.

Often, I feel like somebody out there has a voodoo doll or something...

I'm very sorry for your loss - and it's hard to lose anything that we care about. 

Now, my message is simple......"Leave My Mama Alone!"


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Oh Wolfen, that is heartbreaking.  I'm sitting here with my big cuddly mutt and my heart hurts for you guys.   I'm so sorry for you all  - you need a break already!  

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I am so sorry for the loss of your furry friend.  It is as difficult as any other loss because of the love which was given and received.

Brownie has gone to be with Ron.  Think of them in a place of green grass, blue skies and lots of sunshine.

Hugs and luv,

Marie who loves kitties

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This is just terrible.  Hurts my heart to think that you have to add this sadness to what you already have to bear.  Our dogs are very special members of our family.  They love without question.  They don't care what we look like, or how we dress, or how much money we make.  It's perhaps one of the purest forms of devotion that exists in this world.  I'm so, so sorry for your loss.  AA

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my sister's cat died a week after she did.  I wonder if sometimes a person and his/her pet is so closely bonded they simply can't live without each other.

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Thank you all for your words of comfort. It seems when we are "down", every little prick of the knife blade feels like major surgery. My problems are insignificant compared to so many of you, but you are always here for me.



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Oh Wolfen, I am so sorry, you're right about the knife. It just seems like one thing after another when you lose someone you love. Sending prayers and I am sure that your husband was waiting at the rainbow bridge.

Love, Judy

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We are so sorry for your loss. We call our dogs our fuzzy children.  To all Dog lovers, they are part of the family.  I know that you have had a rough several months. We are sending our thoughts and prayers for you to find strength and happiness.


Best Always,  mike 

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss,It's always sad to lose a part of your family,I will keep you in my prayers.

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Wolfen, I am sorry. You are in my heart. Take a deep breath. Take good care of you.

Cathleen Mary

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I am sorry for your loss.  Pets are truly family members. May your family find peace.

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Hugs to you all

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This is so terrible and why? We had to put our dear Sheltie to sleep and then about two weeks later I had a seizure and brain tumor removal.
Everytime I walk by a culvert I hear him barking at a racoon or trying to chase a car. He wasn't a good walker but sure understood each of our family member's emotional states.
I am sorry for your loss.
They are family members in every sense....

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