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Just Wishing For A Break(Not Cancer Related)

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This is not cancer related, but has been another day of extreme sadness for my family and me. We were preparing to go to the cabin to list it with a realtor.

My son's dog was all happy & excited as she likes to travel. As she's done a hundred times before, she leaped for the Jeep seat. She lost her grip and fell flat on her stomach on the pavement. He had to lift her into the jeep and get her out when he arrived at my house. She was lethargic and just out of it, so we rushed her to the vet. It was discovered that she had a mass on her spleen & it had ruptured. Although it was very expensive, I told the vet to try & save her. She made it through the surgery, but had lost a lot of blood & could not recover even with transfusions. The vet & staff tried everything but they could not save her.

This is just almost too much for my son. Losing his dad last month & now his best buddy. She went everywhere with him & my grandson, who is also grieving.

Her name was Brownie & she was only a "mutt" but we loved her very much.

Thanks for listening.



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jim and i
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And another for your son and grandson. You all must be heart broken.


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D Lewis
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My deepest sympathies to your son and grandson, and you too.  We love our mutts dearly; they are members of our family.  Sometimes it all does seem to be too much to bear. Hugs.



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I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your son and grandson’s dog.  Your words were my words when I lost my collie.  Pets and people just go together so well.



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So sorry to hear about the family dog.  Our pets are family members and we grieve for them just like we do for all family members.  We have always had dogs and they are like our sons and daughters and when we lose one, it hurts.

Thoughts and prayers -- Sharon

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But soooo much more, like Lacy mentioned, they are family...

When we lost our black lab girl Ebony of 13 years awhile back, I grieved for months..., and I still miss her, she was "my" dog, and I was hers... The slug in the gut was as bad as hearing I had cancer, I swear... Couldn't eat, nothing was right, hated coming home with her not being there... Damn, I'll cry with you... It's a terrible pain.

LOL, I like and love my dogs better than I do most people..., sad maybe, but true.

We have since gotten two chocolate lab sisters Kali & Jazzy... every bit as crazy and loving as was Ebony. But each have their own huge personality. Ebony is gone and has been for several years now, but she's not forgotten and will always have a special piece of my heart.

Unfortunately like all of the pain and hurts in our life, this too will pass (a little), with time...

Eventually and hopefully, your son will bring home another best pal, and a new chapter will begin, but part of the old will always be the standard.

Best ~ John

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Ingrid K
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So sorry for the loss of your furry "grand-dog".  As others have said, they are so much a part of our family, it's a kick in the heart when we lose them.

I certainly hope things start looking up for you and your family and you can all start to heal from these losses.  And remember......There was someone in heaven to welcome Brownie.


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My heart broke for your son when I read this....I am so so sorry.  Losing a pet is losing a member of the family....so many here can empathize so deeply on this loss.

Huge hugs to your son and yourself....

RIP Brownie.


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all of you . So sorry to hear about Brownie .Cry. Use left and right arrows to navigate. Some "Mutt's" make the best pets . I agree with everyone else on here our pets are just like family .


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to read this!  It makes me tear up :(  Our dog is part of our family and I understand the pain.  I'm truly very sorry!

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Aww...this has not been a good week!  I hope things get better and start to look up soon!  Prayin for you!

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Thank you all for your words of comfort. It seems when we are "down", every little prick of the knife blade feels like major surgery. My problems are insignificant compared to so many of you, but you are always here for me.



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dear wolfen, i'm so sorry for u and ur family.  i consider my dog a family member so i understand ur pain.  i will keep u all n my prayers.  hugs.


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I am so sorry and feel for you. You have had way too much saddness.  It breaks my heart when I hear about the loss of a pet.  They are a member of our family and it is a terrible thing to deal with.  Love to you and your family.



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It's never easy to lose one of our fury kids...HUGS!!!

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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this.  Prayers for you, your son and grandson.  Yes, dogs are a wonderful part of the family.



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I am so very sorry for your family's loss, Wolfen.  Many of us know the pain of losing our beloved pets.  I will pray for your son and your grandson.  I am quite sure your son found great comfort in Brownie while he was dealing with the illness and loss of his dad.  So very sad.


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