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Update on my sister

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She did well with her bilateral mastectomy and, last I heard, she is drinking a chocolate shake.

I wish I had her iron stomach...Lol.

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Sounds like you both have good news.  Congrats to you both. May things keep getting better and better. 

May your sister handle this surgery well both physically and psycologically.

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I hope your sister is doing well.  I am also thinking of you and how you are doing?

Please update if possible.



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Hi CC,

So glad to hear your sister is doing well!   You are both brave ladies for sure.


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sister.   It is so surreal, going from having breasts to no having breasts.  I pray that she has a quick recovery, and is able to regain her range of arm motion quickly.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vick Sam

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