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CT Scan or not?

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Hi there, I was dx 2 weeks ago and my well-meaning family doc promised she would get me the best onco and arrange scans etc etc etc.  Well she did get me the best onco, but I am in for tests all this week, including a CT scan arranged by my family doc.... now, that is massive radiation (which, apparently, I am not allowed) do I go?  Thinking of calling my onco tomorrow and asking her if it is necessary.  Anyone here had anything like this going on... Like too many cooks???????  Hope you can give me some imput............. HUGE hugs J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I will tell you after I was diagnosed with BC I refused any Pet/CT scans. 

I had a mammo and ultrasound and neither one showed my cancer. I found it the day after those tests and my Dr said I was fine.

After he took a fine needle biopsy I had an MRI with contrast which showed 4 tumors in my left Breast. I had very dense breasts so I opted for a BMX and they found more cancer in the right breast and that didnt show up on the MRI.

Anyway, wth all of those tests and a chest xray I felt my body did not need anymore radiation. That was personal choice and I felt secure with that decision. 

Enough is enough with all these unnecessary tests. I did not have cancer in the lymph nodes and I spoke to my Dr's about my decision and they agreed.

You need to know your body!!!! I based my decision also on bloodwork too.

Good Luck with your decision!


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Sounds just like me, the first time i was dx, had a huge lump the size of a golf ball yet the mammo showed nothing at all!  All that squishing and pain for nothing?   Thanks for your imput though, I am going to contact my onco tomorrow as I am not at all happy with any more radiation.  Hope you are doing well and thanks .   Jxxxxx


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I had to get a bone scan and chest and abdomen CT as a precursor to any treatment decisions to discover if there were any other cancer cells running loose and to check for other medical problems that could interfere with treatment.  The tests were ordered by my onco.  Are your family doctor and onco communicating?  My onco is making the decisions and ordering tests, AND is sending all reports to my primary. I think this might simplify your tests and treatments.

Good luck.  Show them how strong you can be by making them work together.  Your onco is the CA specialist and probably should be making final decisions (with you, of course).

Please give us updates so we know how to pray, support you, and when you're in need of the Pink Bus.

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I have had numerous PET/CT scans and, after 26 years, it is the least of my worries.  The PET/CT scans have been very helpful in getting a diagnosis.  Most recently, the PET showed the liver mets clearly and then I had biopsy which confirmed diagnosis.

If I can skip a PET/CT (I am aware of the radiation dosage) I do, but the last one I had before this year was 2010 and I can't help but wonder, if I had had another in 2011 or 2012, would it have shown mets earlier?

Good fortune and a strict adherence to treatment has kept me alive this long.  Don't ever forget who the enemy really is (CANCER).

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I'm in the onco camp.  Seems to me s/he should be ordering your tests and telling you why, exactly, they are a good idea.  xoxoxo Lynn


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Christmas Girl
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Clarify with your med onc doctor.

Kind regards, Susan

Cheryl S
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Why are you having a CT scan done?  Why don't you have a MRI instead?  There is no radiation involved in a MRI and it shows if there is cancer or not.  You should also, in my opinion, have your oncologist order and evaluate all of your testing now.  Your primary doctor could get all of the results, but, your oncologist is the doctor that you should be working with now.  Have you had surgery?  A path report?

Good luck!

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