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Dad's first Post-Op PSA test and results

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Hello again everyone, my dad had his first post-op PSA test performed this morning, and surprisingly, they were able to get the results to us within 20 minutes instead of a week like I was expecting. Anyway, his PSA came back 0.04. Im not sure if this is good or bad, with the prostate being gone, one would think it would be absolute 0, unless prostate cancer cells were still present somewhere else in the body, at the same time though, it is better than 4.2. So my question is this: Does his score mean there is no evidence of disease right now since it is now lower than what it was, or should it be absolute 0 if there is indeed no more cancer present?

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Not sure exactly what you are asking.  I have metastic prostate cancer and my last test came back 0.000.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean anything. I am unsure that anyone with this disease ever gets over it. Main thing is learning to live with it, changing eating habits and exercise. These steps will help the body fight off attacks.  Not sure, but I doubt anyone on this site was told they were cured by their Doc..

PI wish you and your dad well. Best of luck.



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Congratulations on the Zeros. If I am correct, this is a PSA result close to the two-month mark after operation. I hope it keeps that level forever and that your dad recovers completely from the “saga” of the cancer, blood clogs and treatments.

I read that a tiny portion of PSA serum is also produced at the urethra walls which supposedly lead to think that the PSA never corresponds to an absolute zero after prostatectomy. Many doctors term these tiny values as “remission” which level differs but it is lower than 0.1. My surgeon used the PSA=0.06 ng/ml as his marker of RP success.


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