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Back on track!!

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I started back treatments yesterday.  Had mine today already....it was NOT easy.  The massive amounts of saliva (thick, nasty, evil stuff) has made being flat on the table a challenge.  My belly is a little sore still from the PEG so it takes two of them to get me on the table and back off :)  Anyway...I'm getting it done.  The oncologist there this week (like him MUCH better!) says everything is looking great and that the PEG was way overdue.  If I stay strong this week, I can do two treatments on Friday and be DONE!!!!  My kids are in Florida at church camp and I'd really love for them to be here as I ring that bell, but they give their blessings for me to knock it out!  THANK YOU all for the encouragement.  I appreciate all the help, truly, from the bottom of my heart.  No one fights alone!!

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I am so proud and happy that you are seeing this through!  May God continue to bless you with the strength needed to get through this week.  Happy ringing and healing!


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to hear that you are back on track and that you will be able to finish your recomended treatments !!! I too dreaded to have to lie flat on that table and always worried that I would choke or have to ask them to stop ( I only had to one time because, I always drank a sip of water just before I got on the table ). I'm sure your Techs will be glad to stop for you anytime you need them to. Be sure and let us know when you ring that bell !! Laughing


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It is nice to hear you sounding so upbeat.  This is hard any way you look at it.  I had to ask for one restart after thinking I could not breathe, a quick rinse, spit and drink and I was fine.

Almost finished, I’ll be ringing my bell for you too.

Best always,


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I knew you had it in you, soon you won't...



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Great news Tracy! !! You're so close! Thinking of you and praying for you! 

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Ingrid K
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So happy to hear you are sounding so much better this week.

And so proud of you for not giving up.

You're almost done !!  YIPPEE




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D Lewis
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Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  You CAN do this!


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keep the little engine that could on track and chuging along!  Choo! Choo! Choo! and ring that bell come friday!


very proud of you



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I had that problem too during the last two weeks of treatment, and on top of it all, I had a lot of trouble swallowing.  So I was pretty spooked about choking in the middle of my mask session and drowning in the stuff.  So I talked to the tech and we established a signal--- "rust raise your hand and we will stop and bail you out immediately."  That did a lot to reassure me.  Oh, and since I was drowing in sinus drainage and sticky saliva  anyway, I made sure I stopped and spit and blew my nose just before each treatment.  And then, treatments were done......




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Some ummm, you blew right threw your treatments huh..., LOL...dohhhh!!!! susel

Best to you my man..., JG

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It's amazing what one can do when they're not suffering from starvation and dehydration ;) 

I read your post on another thread how good you felt getting food and water into your system. I got my PEG two hours after ringing the bell on a Wednesday. I was using it by Friday morning. Marcia and I checked out of Hope Lodge and went home that weekend. Early Sunday morning I started feeling really weak and faint. I needed "something" so we hooked up the gravity bag with water and started a slow drip. Within an hour I was like a new man! So yes... I related to your post personally. 

I'm very glad to hear you're doing better. Here's to ringing the bell on Friday! btw... that thick nasty stuff should start easing up about two weeks post treatment. 



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So happy to hear! It will be worth it by never having to second guess what could or would have happened if you had not finished. I know you will be an inspiration to others just beginning their journey. Knowing how hard it is, you should be extremely proud of yourself! Even though your kids can't be with you to ring the bell, you have just set a great example for them.

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done, and then no more getting on that table.  You won't be having to get up and go somewhere every day, that's a big deal (at least to me it was).


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can do this, the mucus was my main torture also, watered down orange juice, slightly frozen to a slush, was always with me...funny, because I've always not liked oj, and now that the mucus is basically gone, I don't like oj again.

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