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Did anyone start out like this?......

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Please forgive me if I have already asked this question, I think "I" am the one with "chemo brain" sometimes instead of Jason. Anyway, my question is.....has anyone started out with unresectable liver metastasis (from colon cancer) due to the location of the tumor(s) being too close to the 'inferior vena cava', then after receiving chemotherapy BECAME operable due to the shrinkage of the tumor(s)? Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but that's the best I can explain it. Jason has one pretty big tumor right by the inferior vena cava so the oncologist says that he will probably never be able to have surgery (resection) or even ablation or another targeted therapy, only because of the location of the tumor. He is now getting Irinotecan along with the other chemos (5-FU, Leucovorin, Avastin). Thanks in advance! Kris

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Yup. Steve had one at the junction of the vena cava and hepatic artery. One surgeon told him surgery was impossible for this reason. Chemo shrunk it down to nothing. It's no longer an issue. Unfortunately as it was shrinking, others were growing.

Don't get discouraged. Chemo can change the picture. Take it one day at a time. Irenotecan is very effective for many people. I think it's very possible that the chemo could shrink this tumor to the point where RFA, resection or benefits other therapies become options.

Hope you're looking after yourself. Try not to get run down.


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Right side is tumors load. Folfiri chemo was not effective...had right side treated with sirspheres treatment and left side next. Hoping this radiation knocks them down. The chemo Chelsea mentioned can make a difference. I am Kras mutant so chemo regime is limited. I have found this treatment to be easy compared to chemo. Ask his doctors if this treatment could be an option, too. Everyone is different and chemo may be very effective. Just wanted to mention this treatment. as another option. RFA may be an option depending on size. There is a heating cooling effect when tumors r located near vens cava if this treatment is considered. Barb

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I have been told my liver tumors are inoperable, but that may be as much due to number as size or location.  However, I do have one that blocked my bile duct (now have a biliary stent) and it was also slightly impacting the hepatic vein (I believe), but that hasn't seemed to be a problem.  In all honesty, all you can do is start the chemo and hope that the tumor either shrinks enough for surgery or maybe even goes away.  I'm still very certain that he could get TACE done (maybe not here but definitely in Germany) on those tumors right now.  They likely won't do TACE here because of has other tumors that are not in the liver.


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I know we've talked Kris but I was inoperable because my tumor was very close to my hepatic artery. I went on Avastin and it shrunk. After my experience and those I've read from others I have to wonder if  Jason has the right team. 

Have you looked for other opinions?

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