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CT Scan Today

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Just had my CT scan today , will get the results from my onco when I see her on Wed. While it's not the PET scan I am more confortable with , but there seems no way of fighting with the insurance companies when they deem the PET as medicaly un-necessary..any way 18 months and still counting , life is good, or my new "abi"-normal life is good.





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Thoughts, prayers and an anxiety free few days...

You da girl...


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Only the best scan for you, clear and clean.


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Peace for you while waiting for your results.

I wouldn't fret over having a CT over a PET. At least you're getting one of them. We were told only chest xrays twice a year as apposed to scans. We aren't so sure we're comfortable with that, but their reason is scans have been known to cause cancer or recurrence...??. ..and we got this from a teaching hospital.. U of M. So, I give you a high five that you are getting something to ease your mind. : )

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Good thoughts coming your way from Missouri

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Prayers and positive mojo on the way. Expect nothing short of good news.


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