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MedGift.com Website

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I just saw this on the Doctors Show. It is a website where a patient can register and have their friends and family donate to them. Works sorta like a Bridal Registry. Wow how cool is that.



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I'll check it out!  Thanks Donna! 

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Thanks for the information...

June Bugs
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Very cool!

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This really is a great idea.  Thanks for sharing it with us Donna.  How are you?

Sue :)

Pink Rose
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I will check this out too.  I think it's a good idea.  Thanks!

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Thanks Donna! 

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It's great that there are so many sites and services that help bc patients.  Thanks for sharing this one.


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Thanks Donna!  Did both of your afghans sell?  I was so impressed with them!  And, how are you?

Hugs, Kylez

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Kristin N
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Thanks Donna!  Wondering how you are doing too.  You ok?

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