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Bye for 10 days!!!

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Joined: Feb 2013

well all i am off on hols for 10 days so i won't be on here but keep that candle burning for me!!!  ill miss you but i promise i will have lots of good food and wine for all of you....you all take care of yourselves and i will see you when i get back..

eims x

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Joined: Apr 2013

Hey Eims, 

Have a great time drink your yourself silly and stuff yourself stupid...lol, no really, have a great time. Enjoy the sunshine, try to bring some back with you.


Djinnie x

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Posts: 423
Joined: Feb 2013

thanks djinnie..... found a lovely low calorie recipe for a nice sangria....yum yum guiltless drinking hahahaha..... supposed to get to 35 in italy so i reckon im gonna melt!!!  

eimx x

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And I just invited you to a biker party. Have a great trip. I know I will!

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Joined: Nov 2009

and don't do anything I wouldn't do...if you do we want to hear about it and watch the video!

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Posts: 574
Joined: Feb 2013

Durn it Gary, why do you get all the great lines?

And we'll be watching for the raw footage of the videos! Wink


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