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Has anyone ended up in the hospital with Neutropenic Fever-mom just did :(

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 Mom ended up in the hospital on Thursday due to neutropenic fever and they are trying to figure out what type of infection they are dealing with. Her oncologist said the chemotherapy may have been too strong and he will adjust the does. She now is having a violent display of vomitting, weakness and diarrhea. So she is being isolated. So basically she is losing more weight. She's is trying so hard to get spoonfuls of things down but it's just not working. Hoping she can turn the corner. Nutitionist came yesterday and basically gave me the same tips as all of you did. She did mention Whey Protein. Anyone have any personal knowledge of this? How long did the hospital stays last? Can your body rebound?

Lots of love and huggies to you all,



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I had neutropenic fever and very low WBC after 3 chemo treatments and had to be hospitalised in a quarantine / isolation ward for 3 days.

Daily neupogen injections were given. Had severe bone pain once in the hips and legs and felt as if I was paralysed from Waist down. Lasted an hour or so and then was fine. The hospitalisation was for three days and all sorts of anitbiotics pumped in to ensure I didn't get infected.

That was last year in February. I have had surgery and adjuvant chemo since then. Last chemo was 4 months ago. Yet the WBC is still on the lower end.

Iron is also low and have to take supplements for it.

These are effects of chemo and everyone has different effects .

Hope this helps


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this is what I had after my biggest surgery. I was losing a lot of weight and couldn't get back to eating. I was in the hospital for about two weeks, and still was eating only very small amounts when I left. The TPN is administered by IV, and it helped stabilize my weight. I'm really sorry your mom is going through this. Those fevers can be very debilitating. I hope they get her feeling better soon.  Big hugs to you and your mom, AA

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Good idea, Ann.....and they can deliver it via IV through the nasal cavity down into the stomach......

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I'm so sorry to read about your mom's situation.  I want to repeat what others have said about getting her on TPN.  They can add lipids to it and stop the weight loss.  I had issues with weight loss and other things that lead to using TPN.  I got it through my port. 

I also did use whey protein in smoothies.  You could try coconut milk, frozen banana, cocoa, whey powder, vanilla extract and a little maple syrup.  Of course, I don't know if this would taste good to your mom.  I also recommend the cookbook "The Cancer Fighting Kitchen" by Rebecca Katz.  She has some good ideas for getting foods down, suggestions for taste bud issues and a chapter in that book called Tonics and Elixers. 

One more thing, although eating sugar is controversial and I didn't want to consume it, I finally did eat ice cream everyday for a couple of months and that really put back on the weight. 

I had a neutropenic fever with a UTI and severe diarrhea and got through it.  I would mention the TPN.  It's scary to keep losing weight and not be able to eat.

Take care,


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Thank you all so much for the advice. I will seriously try all ideas. Today the oncologist came to the hospital and said that since her fever and infection are under control he want's to get her out of the hospital and into a nursing home to manage her weight and get her some much needed physical therapy because she is very weak and needs to build her legs and body for the next round of chemo. I know that this could help her in the long term and I  am in support of it, however I do not feel ashamed in saying that I selfishly wanted her to be able to come home. She is having a rough go of this and I feel so helpless even thougth we are trying so hard to keep her afloat. I want her to have some independence and be able to enjoy whatever time she has left. She's trying so hard, I just wish she could have a few more good days than bad ones.

Thank you all for your suggestions and kind words


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I had that and was tested for every possible infection.  The reult was a reaction to TPA.  That was used to clear the port line.  They had one time it was clogged and the TPA worked.  Within 5 hours I was in the ER with 103 fever and bright red from the shoulder up.

Quite weird, but happens often.

I now know I am allergic to TPA.


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After my fourth round of folfiri I developed this type of fever. Went to urgent care who sent me to the ER. They did blood cultures and had me take tylenol. I went back to work full -time after fever was gone. Was concerned about my short term disability as well as wanting to try to work. My temp went up and down quite a bit and my white cell count was low I believe. I would get night sweats, too. Keep mom eating as best you can. There is Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt she may like and it has a higher percentage of protein. Once her fever breaks she will feel a little stronger. Lots of good tips here to help supplement her diet for more strength. My oncologist said I had some kind of bug. Hope your mom feels better very soon. Barb

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I also was in the hospital because I had a neutropenic fever.  They never actually found out where the infection was but I was in quarantine in the hosptal ward for three days.

I absolutely couldn't eat anything for most of my chemo period.  I couldn't drink anything cold so frozen smoothies were out.  The doctor had me drink 4 bottles of Ensure Plus (or Boost Plus) a day at room temperature.  The dietician also recommended Unjury which was a high protein powder I could add to milk and gulp down.  You can find the Unjury powder on the internet.  I actually had the hardest time sipping anything so I just gulped it down as fast as I could.  I also didn't drink enough liquids and had to be hospitalized several time for dehydration.  Try to get her to drink as much liquid as she can even if she just gulps it down like I did.

Hope this helps.  Stay strong and God bless.


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