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Man the salvia glands on the right side started working. Then bam quit will it start back any idea how long until it does .I am so tired of takeing 1 step forward and 2 back . It's been 4 months since I finished treatment.

thank you susan

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I spit the other day while working outside.  First time in 3.5 years.  It has slow....ly got better.



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It has been 15 months for me.  While I still have lack of saliva and dry mouth, it is much better.  I do have to be careful about picking up a cookie (or anything else) and taking a bite without a drink handy.  I can eat virtually anything, but it takes 2 to 3 glasses to eat a meal.

I can safely drive to the store and forget my water bottle (if it is a short trip).  I don’t find myself taking as many sips of water a day, but I still drink lots of water.  Lately, I have been sleeping very well, but I do take 2 Xylimelts at bedtime.

I say yes it is better, not near perfect, but better.


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after 2 years I go from dry mouth to drooling,sometimes at embarassing moments.

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But more than likely...., it's just a ong slow process....

One thing that seemd to help me when I first started getting some slaiva back..., and I don't know if it has any merit at all or just purely coincidental. But I was sitting once and saw soemthing on TV, something tart and I got one of those tingles back behind the ears. Sure enough I had just a twenge of saliva... Nothing spectacular, but enough that kept me busy for awhile trying to re-create the snesation..., and hopefully a little saliva.

Anyways, more than likely in time you're going to get some degree of saliva return..., me at 4 years post, I'm at 95%... But that took every bit of the first two years+ to get there.


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