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Article from Alligatorpointer...."1884 Ulysses S. Grant dx with Throat Cancer"

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Hi all......Alligatorpointer shared this article on one of my posts. I wanted others to be sure and read it...very interesting...





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D Lewis
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I had not previously seen this.  Thank you for sharing.


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It is interesting, barring that he got no (real) treatment for the cancer and only some for the side effects (pain), it makes rads and chemo just that much more doable.



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This article is pretty sobering.  When people come to this site and start lecturing on how terrible the treatments are for this cancer, all we have to do is remember that the disease process is like this.  Reading the article, I thought of CalCat, a woman who only posted here a bit two years ago.  She had been through 24 surgeries, which failed, and radiation which failed, and chemo a bunch, which failed to get control of local disease.  She remained more functional  than Grant till almost the end, primarily because of high quality pain control.  Grant was one tough individual.

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~C, I appreciate your help in bringing attention to this article.  The writer provides a wrenching look at Ulysses S. Grant's experience with throat cancer.  The historical perspective is interesting when comparing current treatment modalities and prognosis with what even as privileged a patient as a United States President had available to him back in the 1800s.  I, for one, am truly grateful for the advances in modern medicine that have made it possible for so many being treated now to become long-term survivors. 

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