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I have lung cancer and have just had my third of four treatments.  I am uncertain if this is a blow off to me by the docs because it seems that everyone has four treatments. I have non small cell cancer and I am not hearing anything real posititve from the docs.  What do you think? 

mind boggling
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Do not be embarrassed..........ask questions........if you could write them down if you feel too embarassed to ask the drs., and just give it to them.........tell them you need these questions answered,and more may come their way. It is your body, take some control, because you can.


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Good advice from Mind Boggling.  Have you had a follow up ct yet?  Generally speaking, they do 2-3 chemo infusions and then let your body have a break and do a ct to see if the treatment is working and measure any shrinkage.  After that they either continue on with the same chemo or to switch.  Did they do a class on chemo before you started?    

Do call your oncologists office and speak with his nurse or PA and ask them what the plan is.  They know that you get a lot of info and that it it can be hard to recall all of it.  Please let us know what is said.  

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I had 4 treatments. Then a CAT that showed that the treatments worked. Now I've just completed the third series of 4-treatments, and waiting for the CAT scan, to be done in the middle of next week. Rick.

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