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Got some good news the hard way

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I'm ct young this from my hospital room as I had to check into club med for a couple of days too get IV antibiotics to deal with a self imposed pneumonia. As part of the drill, they sent me for a chest CT with contrast to see where the pneumonia was. Long story short, it also revealed my tumors in my Mediastynum have decreased in size. The self imposed part was caused by my Taxotere that causes violent hiccups and I was eating Ativan like Skittles. I passed out in my bed, vomited and aspirated.

Go big or go home!!


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that your tumors are shrinking, sorry for the hell of the pneumonia

Prayers being said, keep up the good fight


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D Lewis
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So glad the tumors are shrinking.  Keep up the fight!


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Good news the hard way beats the hell out of bad news any way!   I am so glad to hear your good news.  Get well soon!

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Skittles, huh?  Rainbow of colors just took on a whole new meaning :)

Great news about the shrinkage!

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"Great news about the shrinkage!"

I was in the pool! I was in the pool!  ;)

Gotta be careful with the candy Mike... I was given Haldol after my reaction to the steroids and it knocked my tush out!  Great to hear you're responding to the treatment. 


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Good to hear from you and the news! Sorry to hear you have pneumonia though...and hope it gets cleared up soon.

Hang in there!.....and probably want to cut back on the skittles!Laughing


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Two steps forward, you are moving in the correct direction, minus the pneumonia.


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The good shrinkage!!  Make sure you give me a buzz when you come thru town!

Sending you some more mojo!


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Fantastic news on the shrinkage! T's reference to the Seinfeld episode made me laugh. Just wish you had gotten the good news in a better way. Get back on your feet soon.

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The only tumors that were visible on CT were the bad ones in my mediastinum, the others in my lower lung are no longer visible.

Greg, count on Me giving you a call to set something up when I get back to the LOU!!


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Kick Azz Mike...

WooHooo.... ~JG

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Very happy for ou Mike.



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