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I am proud of turning 70 today, and I know that you wonderful members of this board understand my feelings better than anyone. I was 67 when I started this journey, and there have been times along the way when I wasn't sure I would make it this far. So I am very grateful for this "Wow!" moment. 

What breaks my heart, however, is when I read the stories of you brave survivors who are in your 30s and 40s. I'm not sure I could have have dealt with all this when I was that young. But ya do what ya gotta do, right?! I love that quote, "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

Meanwhile, I just renewed my car inspection sticker for 2 years, my new debit card expires in 2017, and my next 10-year journal is on order. Onward to 80!

Cheers, Jo

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It is wonderful to celebrate birthdays!..hope you are having a lot of fun..eat cake..drink...be with friends and family.   Val


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Congradulations Jo!  I,too, want to make it to 70,80, whatever,since I'm 61 now.  I can remember being in my teens and 20's thinking how "terrible" it would be to live to be as old as my grandparents.  Now ,Thank God, I AM as old as they were,now!  Have fun and I hope you have to order ten more journals!  Best, Debrajo(from the Uterine board)

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to you Jo!  It is good to get old.  I never dreamed I would think that way.  I hope you have a terrific day and will order another ten-year journal in 2023.



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Glad to be done
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Happy birthday Jo.  And many many ,more.......Have a fantastic day 

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You go girl! Happy 70th and MANY more.Wink

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2timothy1 7
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Congratulations !  Celebrate life:).

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and here's to many more for us all.

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Happy birthday, Jo.  I was diagnosed with UPSC at 65and immediately wondered if I'd see 70.  I'll be 67 in July and so far, so good.  Birthdays are good!

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For us, every birthday is precious and appreciated!  Eat, drink and be merry, and wishing you many, many more!



Rosamond M
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Congratulations!  Best wishes are coming your way for a wonderful day! Love your photo - such a great smile.


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Birthdays take on new meaning to us, don't they..... CONGRATS!

                                                                     (((((HUGS))))))    Maria

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Pamela B
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Happy Birthday and congratulations on reaching this milestone.  I hope for many, many more in the future.  You have been such an inspiration to me!

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Hearty Pioneer
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Joined: Apr 2013

Happy birthday!! 70 sounds great!!

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You go girl! and may God bless you with many many more!

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I am 47, well to be honest 48 in Nov, and I am also proud of it!  I will be an "official" 6 year survivor on July 10th of this year.  

My heart also breaks over reading the stories of ladies who are so much younger than I am, even in their 30's and with young children.  But yes we do what we gotta do.  And yes you could have also delt with this at a younger age!

So many people tell me they are amazed by my strength, grace and dignity that I have shown through all of this - how they could have never done it etc.  My response is always been "No it is not just MY strength.  It is the strength of the human spirit!  

This is on my bio but saying it here again - the best compliment I have ever received was from a former coworker who watched me go through my original diagnosis and treatment.  She told me one day that she wanted me to know:  "I have always been one of those people who was so scared of getting cancer and what I would do.  After knowing and watching you go through it I am not scared any more. I know I can do it."

It is the attitude and courage of people like you that will help others persevere through this difficult journey.  Enjoy your WOW moment and I wish you many more to come!


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