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need links to research

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Hi all,

I'm looking for links to research on complementary/alternative/non-standard ideas that could be helpful in treating my non-resectable liver metastases and/or my elevated AST, ALP, bilirubin, and reduced platelets. I will feel more comfortable discussing them with my oncologist if I have the research studies, or at least the abstracts, in hand. I have tried looking for them on my own, but have not had as much luck as I would like. Search hints would be welcome as well. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Finland's Univerisities are doing the best research on Diet and Cancer.  They are also having impressive results.



P Quillin's book has all of the research noted in the back.  On nutrition and Cancer.  A great book!  It explains the various blood tests and what foods to eat to improve different levels.  Less then $10 on eBay or Amazon.



A major Chemical Co now showing improvement to one's immune system will help fight cancer.



An Oncologist that wants everyone with cancer to improve their diet to help imrpive their immune system.



I hope that is a start.

Best Always,  mike


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Thanks a bunch for giving me a starting point. I will look into all of the links you provided.


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I have found Dr Greger's site to be useful.   He presents diet related research in informative short videos.


Use his search feature  for variations on this.   bottom line is that a high quality plant based diet, greens, berries, and so on is very helpful


Also, Carole Baggerly, a breast cancer suvivior, has started a non-profit a few years ago to bring to the pubic the lastest research on Vitamin D's impact on breast and other cancers.

The video section is very informative


there are several discussion with researchers on Vitamin D as it relates to cancer, including colon cancer

Many of the researcher which Carole Baggerly interacts with recommend to test and get above 30 ng/ml, at a minimum, as many people are deficient.  If I recall correccly the average American is at about 22 ng/ml.   You liver plays a role in vitamin D conversion so let your oncologist know if you decide on supplements.    But get tested as soon as possible  

In my research I have also found that IGF-1 is implicated in cancers as a driver of tumor growth.   IGF-1 can be increased by excess protein in the diet, so this might be one mechanims for why a plant based diet is helpful. 


Check out the work of the Angiogenesis foundation

http://www.angio.org/understanding/diet.php   see video by Dr Li

In cancer, one wants to slow down angiogenesis (which is what the drug Avastin is supposed to do).  The foundation has shown that many plant substances inhibt angiogeneis.  another reason for a plant strong diet.  


I also recall a study in which it was shown that modest exercise did a lot to improve overall survival and quality of life.   If you are able, then 15 or 20 minutes a day out walking would help.


good luck



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Thanks for the links and information. I have started watching some of the videos, which have given me ideas to research.

I am actually in a study using resistance bands and slowly increasing daily step goals to improve qol. I had gotten pretty out of shape, and I do think the program is helpful for me.


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