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Ok, so my husband saw the ENT today.  Turns out that his left vocal cord is paralyzed, and most likely it's permanent.  The ENT thinks it's from the mets in his lungs, he says one of them is pushing up against it, and until he can beat the tumor his vocal cord will stay paralyzed.  Fine, he is taking meds for these tumors, but what is bothering me is, the ENT said that this vocal cord paralysis is a major symptom of Metatastic Colon Cancer.  So, in all the time i have been on these boards since my husband was diagnosed way back in 2008, i have never seen any posts even mentioning that any one was having any of these problems, or that it was one of the symptoms (not symptoms, uhmmmm oh i can't think of the word, but i hope you all know what i mean).  We assumed it was from taking the Stivarga, which causes hoarseness of the voice, but the ENT said that isn't hoarseness, that's no voice at all.  Anyway, has anyone else had this problem?

Any input would be nice.

Thanks again


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Hi Sandi,

I just did a quick google search and found several sites that mention the association of colon cancer and vocal paralysis.  As your ENT stated, this can happen when the lung mets squeeze the vocal cords.  I searched under "vocal cord paralysis colon cancer".

Take care,


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Hi Sandi, I am a little confused. The vocal cords are not at the lungs, but are just above the trachea (windpipe which leads to the lungs) and is between 4 to 6 inches long.  Seems odd that one of his lung tumors could be causing the paralysis.  I guess anything is possible particularly since I am not a doctor.

I went on the web and found http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/avastin/vocal+cord+paralysis which indicates that avastin can cause this condition.

I hope that whatever the cause it will be resolved positively.

Marie who loves kitties

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Hi Sandi:

I am sorry this has been discovered from a lung met.

I had a CT scan in December that read soft tissue lesion on left or in lung area. I insisted on

further investigation. Broncoscopy was schedueld and metastatic tracheal tumors were removed.

I had systemic folfir after this procedure to help with liver tumors but it did not help. Recently,

had sirspheres procedure for one side of liver. Will scan beginning of August to determine if this

treatment helps.

I persistant phlem in the bottom of my left lung that would not come up....no problems with breathing.

Of course, now if anything feels different in my left throat area I am afraid of them returning.

I have had so many things happen to me I think the doctors are not sure how to approach me at times, in a way.

I do have a lot of post nasal drip and I believe it affects my voice at times.

I had seen an ENT Dr. about a thryroid nodule last August and he did not see anything at that time so I just don't know!

Wishing your husband the best and please do not let my story scare you or think it is the same. We are all so different and how our bodies react differenetly with metastatic cancer. You can read my story. My oncologist said these do not grow back quickly and there is treatment for them.

Hope this helps - Barb

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