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Cancer charities

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This is a link of the worst rated charities in the country as reported by the Tampa Bay Times. It is outrageous that so many of them are aimed at cancer. I try to give to charities as much as I can and since being diagnosed, I have given more to cancer charities, even though little of the money will ever help with rare cancers that I have. It makes me angry that so much money money is raised that never does one ounce of good in the fight against cancer.

Before anyone gives to a charity purporting to go to cancer patients or research, it is important to know about the charity we give to. I got a little lax in my research and was giving to most solicitiations for cancer. I won't do that anymore.

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It's one of the reasons why I try and help with my own direct grass-root kind of efforts....

I see someone with cancer that I've gotten to know and I read about them....and then when you see an opportunity to help someone, I do it that way.  And that way, the need is directly met and went directly to the person whom you intended it for.

It doesn't cure cancer, but it touches a life....and you know where it went...and that the person appreciated the gesture and the thought behind it.

It did mention good organizations like the Make-A-Wish, who do things right....my niece's daughter actually was granted a real Make-A-Wish this year and are working on the date, so that's good to know.

But the knockoffs that masquerade under the guise of a proven organization is disgraceful.  All of that money raised, and little to none of it being used in the manner with which it was intended.  I don't know how they sleep at night, depriving children and lining their own pockets with all of those millions. 

You said it.....just know who you are giving it too....the article stated that 35% is needed for any charity for operations etc......but the input/output ratio needs to be in proportion.

There are good and bad....but an article like this solidifies the thoughts we have on less than honorable doings within those walls. 

Great article and good info.

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