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Misinformed Headlines.

Rosamond M
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Joined: Apr 2013

Today a headline in the paper stated that Christine H. had died after losing a long battle with ovarian cancer. When a pedestrian is run over by a truck we don't read -pedestrian killed after losing battle with a 10 ton truck!

When cancer comes into our life it is like a home invasion, or an invasion by a force that doesn't fight fair. The determined and courageous who contribute to this site could never be called losers! The real fact is that every day lived with cancer is a VICTORY!

wholfmeister's picture
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When 8 die, please don't say I fought a courageous battle.  You can say I fought like a woman possessed, but I am not courageous.

lovesanimals's picture
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In this fight, none of us are "losers"!  What I hope the headlines say about me is, "She whupped cancer's butt and died cancer-free, still enjoying to the end her saint of a husband, good friends, cat, favorite TV shows and her chocolate chip cookies!"


Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

Perhaps the word "courageous" is extreme. However, the number of women  who have faced numerous rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries (compared to my modest 6 rounds, 1 surgery),taken part in clinical trials and managed to face "those looks we get",plus many other related problems   are deserving of high praise. They still maintain their optimism, are prepared to offer counsel and give huge moral support to others and I admire YOU and them for that.





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I don't want any "battles", "fights", "struggles", "invasions", "winning" or "losing" and such on my obituary.

What is that I am fighting exactly? A genetic mutation in my own body that has been there since I was conceived.

Hey, I am a lover not a fighter Smile




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