Severe Upset Stomach

I am starting to get worried for my mom as she has been complaining a lot about how severe her upset stomach is. I know the chemo (Avastin, Oxalipatin and 3,300 mg of Xeloda pills) she is under has that side effect but it is affecting how she's nourishing herself. She's afraid to eat as she doesn't want to throw up. There were occasions where she threw up and she said that her saliva is sour. I am really starting to worry because she has dropped down to 143 (she used to be 165). I started juicing green apple, beets and carrots thinking it would help her but it gave her frequent visits to the toilet which resulted to her low potassium yesterday from her blood work. They had to infuse 2 bags of potassium on her and take 1 tablet of it.

Has someone had similar symptoms as my mom's? Can you recommend something to help her with this one? Should we stop juicing? I don't know what to do anymore :(


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    Here you go....the best food for a sour stomach!


    Rinse jasmine or Nishiki (my favorite for this soup) rice in cold water.

    Transfer to a large stock pot.

    Sprinkle the 2 tsps. salt and shake mildly to combine.

    Add the 10 cups of cold water and partially cover (watch that it doesn’t boil over).

    Bring to a boil and lower heat to simmer and cover, stirring occasionally. The soup will thicken over  time; if it’s too thick for your taste, add water and continue cooking for up to three hours.

    (I like to add maple syrup for a little flavor)


    Put the rice in a large pot and add only about 4 to 6 parts of the liquid. Bring to a boil and lower heat to simmer and cover.  After the rice simmers for a little bit, it will start to break down.

    Keep adding liquid in one to two part increments as the liquid in the pot starts to get absorbed by the rice and stir. As you near the 10-parts-liquid-part, the rice will start to look like porridge . At this point, I always taste the jook for consistency before adding more liquid. Remember, you can always add more liquid but you can't take it out, so don't think that you have to use exactly 10 parts of liquid. Sometimes 10 is the magic number for me and sometimes it's 11, it all depends on how you want it and how moody your rice is on the absorbency scale that day.

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    Talk to the Onc

    Her doctor should be able to prescribe anti-nausea meds which can help with this. 

    Don't be afraid to call her doctor about this or any other symptoms.

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    Nausea med

    My onc has me takingOndansetron ODT 8mg every 8 hrs. It's an easy med to take and most of the time it seems to help. Pray she gets better soon. Jeff

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    Some days I would lose it 20

    Some days I would lose it 20 times. It is part of the Folfox. One must drink and eat again.   


    Dried and sweetened Ginger Root helped a lot with the Nausea. Green Tea or Mint Tea also helped.


    Lomotil will slow the bowels down.  Oatmeal also works on slowing the bowels down. A banana always made me feel less depleted. I drink lots of green tea. Hydration also made me feel less depleted. Tincture of Opium made the nausea less. It is also the worst tasting thing I have ever tasted. (My wife nor my pharmacist believed me. They both tried it, a drop, and then they laughed with me.  They both told me that was nasty!)   I used the Tincture as a last resort. When nothing else worked, it always worked.


    I fact to keep in mind: 65% of patients with chroinc disease die from Dehydration and Malnutrition, not the disease. They let their body get so week they cannot fight the disease.    That helped me eat during the worst of times.


    Best Always,  mike