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Thanks for information on USAUNA (scam)

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I'm sure that a few of you will recall me posting about my uncle trying to push these antioxidant pills on my father not long ago.  It was really ticking me off bc he thought they were miracle pills-yet not FDA approved or anything.  Thanks to your information about antioxidants and how they replenish cancer cells, along with good cells...dad decided to ask his docs and they agreed.  Thank God!  *sigh of relief* (Well, mom actually asked docs for him)

Had to share this bc it made me laugh.  My mom told my uncle about what the docs said about "Usauna pills", which was the same as you all suggested...and my uncle said, "well they don't know a single thing about the medical field!" He was mad, we are happy.  LOL ... sorry I got a kick out of that.  My dad's ocologist who is one of the best doesn't know squat huh? Yet Usauna has saved millions... I hear about them everyday, yeah (sarcasm).

SCAM! And advice to other newbies: Always check with the doc before taking supplements or any type of medication for that matter, like everyone on here suggests:  not everything is what it seems. 

Hope everyone has a great day! Lets make today better than yesterday!

Cherie :)

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Always good to check with your MD's on something not prescribed during treatment....

Sometimes even the good (non-scam) things are not so great for you to be taking, trying, or doing during chemo & rads.

You can rest assured, there's no miracle drug, solution, remedy, exercise...nada that is a miracle cure or relief... If there was, we would know about it, and more than likely the MD's would also.

Now that doesn't necessarily hold tue as for reactions and such..., as many here have discovered things that we have or had in common the MD's weren't aware of.


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So true John.

I'm just so glad that my dad was willing to check with docs first.  Now if only my Uncle backs off (from the USauna thing of course)...

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