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Tomorrow I'm starting chemo and radiation for 6 weeks. I'm gonna try to work through the treatment so pray for me hard.

But laugh even harder if I should $hit my pants at the office.



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You are in my prayers.

I had 6 weeks of chem/rad in January and February and worked full time through it.  I scheduled the daily radiation sessions early each weekday morning and went in to work right after each of them.  Radiation lasts only a few minutes - it's the set up that takes a bit more time.  Radiation is painless and quick.  The chemo was more of inconvience as I had to go to oncology every Monday a.m. to get hooked up to my pump and then get disconnected on Fridays.

As for side effects - fatigue was at the top of my list.  It was minor at first and got progressively worse.  Diahrrea, too, but it was mostly manageable - at least until the final week(s).  However, the effects of chemo/rad are cumulative and for me it was worse the last week of therapy (which is when they change the rads to concentrate more fully on the tumor) - and the 2 weeks or so recovery once therapy ended. 

The goal of my chemo/rad was to shrink the tumor and target the suspicious lymph nodes.  It worked.  My post chemo/rad endoscopic ultrasound showed no remaining tumor.  Radiation had turned the tumor into an "ulcer".  The importance of shrinking a rectal tumor (depending on the location in the rectum) is to prevent the need for a permanent colostomy.  Mine was high enough that the surgeon was confident that no ostomy should be needed - at least permanently.  He had to wait until the actual surgery to determine if a temporary one would be needed. Luckily, I did not need any.

So, keep a positive attitude.  I hope all goes well for you.



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Everything that db8ne1 described is exactly what I went through. I worked through my 28 chemo/radiation treatments and fatigue at the end of the day was the biggest problem.

My tumor also shrunk to an ulcer.

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I will be praying for you. 

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Take a deep breath it will be fine!  I did Xeloda and radiation and didn't have to miss any work. I would leave work everyday and go straight to radiation. It worked well. Good luck! 

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I am on my second week of chemo/radiation. 

Dont laugh too hard about loose bowels . I just got 'caught out' as I like to put it. The'Depends' are waiting for me, and I don't doubt will come in useful as treatments progress. 

I got used to the 5FU, 24/7 hook up. I don't like getting it taken out and a new one put back in, but we do what we have to do. 

I feel fine right now (some of the Oxaliplatin side effects wearing off), but I know it will be short-lived.

youll do fine, but I'll send up a prayer for you.

- SUE -

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The whole thing kind of sucks, but it will be done before you know it, and hopefully you'll be back on the road to good health (and maybe flipping cancer the bird in the rearview as you drive away).  Hugs~AA

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a good out come!   We all have pooped in unconvient times with colon cancer. I carry a spare set of clothes and a plastic bag, and baby wipes with me everywhere I go. 


Best Always,   mike


PS  Keep in touch with how you are doing!

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I carry a spare set of clothes and a plastic bag, and baby wipes with me everywhere I go. 

I think that's great advice.  Will start doing that.

Thank you!

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Your body will talk to you so if you are having bad side effects try not to push it too hard. One thing you don't know what coworkers are coughing around and you immune could be weak. Pray you have a good treatment time. Jeff

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I worked my first 4 cycles of Xelox routine. Did need to know where bathrooms were. I always carry wipes and panties just in case. Keep anti nausea and immodium drugs with you.
Always best to stay ahead of it. You will know what your body can take.
You can do it. Make sure you eat and keep proteins in your daily eating.
Rest too. Sometimes the steroids keep you going.
Hope this helps.
Will pray for you!
There are lots of supportive folks here if you have questions!

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Alwyas carry immodium and nausea meds with you is good advice tooo.......I noticed I do that without even being aware of it, just in case.     The spare clothes is another set of good advice even if you just have them handy in  your car (never thought of that one, but have never needed it), although I didn't have radiation so I can't comment with regards to that....but everyone has given you great advice here!!!    Good luck with your treatments!!! 

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...for all the good wishes and advises. Did 2 days of it sofar, continuing next week. I know the hard part comes later.

I'll keep you posted.

Nothing but good days to you all.


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for you Laz. I am pleased to see your posting really am, wish some would post more for prayers or good wishes.

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Prayers are on the way.

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My prayers are on the way.

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You'll definitely be in my prayers! ((((HUGS))))

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Today was Day 6 for me. So far so good, no nause, no dirrhea, no skin irritation, no pain, but I know it's too early.

I was pissed at the beginning: my doctor gave me 500mg Xeloda three times a day "along side radiation". He didn't say if I'm supposed to take them all at once, two in the morning and one in the evening (which most literature says) or spread it out during the day. A lot of patients say they stop it on the weekend when they don't get radiation.

This would have been important information, don't you think? They just don't care it feels like, even though they have done it thousands of time.

Thank you for keeping me in your heart and mind.

Don't forget to always make your day a good day with something special,


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