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Tomorrow I'm starting chemo and radiation for 6 weeks. I'm gonna try to work through the treatment so pray for me hard.

But laugh even harder if I should $hit my pants at the office.




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You have my very best of wishes for your treatment going well. It is a difficult journey, but doable. If you need any suggestions on how to get through it, please ask. I followed a low fibre diet, wore clothes that were soft and roomy, bought a oortable bidet which has been invaluable. I didn't use creams, but used salt water to bathe my skin. I burned, but not seriously & healed very quickly. Take pain relief if & when you need it. Towards the end, I bought a shheepskin rug to sit on. Oh, & a satin pillowcase to sit on in the car will help you get in and out more easily. Good luck

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I want to wish you all the best with your treatment.  As you probably already know, it can be pretty rough, especially towards the end.  However, we are here to help you get through this with helpful hints on reducing the side effects as much as possible.  Often times, we know more than the doctors do, so pick our brains and tell us what you need from us.  One bit of advice I will give you right off the top is to stay very well-hydrated.  It's vitally important!  Also, do not be afraid to take pain meds when you begin to feel the need and continue to take them to stay ahead of the pain.  That was my biggest mistake--not taking enough pain medication.  You will not get extra points for needless suffering!  I hope you will have minimal side effects and complete destruction of your tumor.  Let us know how it goes.

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I wish you the best as you start your journey to rid your body of cancer. You will get many suggestions here if you have issues. I Found the treatment very doable and I healed quickly. I hope the same for you. I will keep you in my prayers as you go through this. Stay strong. You can do this!

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As others have said, it's not an easy journey but it is doable.  We'll be celebrating your completion of treatment before you know it!  Praying that you will be blessd with strength and healing.

Hang in there, you can do this!


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Looking forward your celebrating .....  Cause you can do it!

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finished treatment in Jan.  I was able to work through entire treatment except for 5 days--that was the week after I ended last chemo.  pump was taken off on Dec 22 and I was down from Dec 26 til Jan 1st.  itching was awful and I took advice from the board and sorry I still have Chemo brain, but you can do a search on "itching" Best wishes XO


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