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Not ready to check out yet

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My ENT doctor ordered a CT of the chest because of some upper resperitory issues I was having. A few days later I get one of those familiar calls from the nurse that the doctor wants to go over my CT results with me. Asking questions of the nurse was hopeless. Anyway I got a copy of the report and it seemed normal to me . The doctor pointed out when I came in  that the CT report stated something about evidence of calcification of the artery to the heart and I needed to see a Cardidiologist. First an ultrasound of the heart and than a nuclear stress test. Conclusion the Cardiologist sees nothing wrong and I will be here for the forseeable future helping the newbies with Kidney Cancer instead of having to learn a whole new subject.



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Congrats on the good bill of health.  Cardiology is so much more difficult to understand :)


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Though you scared me a bit with the headline (I thought you had bad news about recurrence or mets and that was why you couldnt check out from this board).


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icemantoo that is great news......

eims x

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A big relief for you and Mrs. iceman  and also for all your friends here, present and future!

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And I was worried DaVinci had left a rusty nail behind or something...very happy you are going to be sticking around for a lot longer!!

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Yeah, you kinda worried me with the headline too!  That is great news! Congratulations.

I guess we all need to meet up at Cedar Point in a year and you can show Dan and the rest of us the joys of riding the Gemini!  Then you can blaze the path for ALL the other coasters! Wink

Glad you're going to be around a while!


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Sorry I do not due upside down coasters. The Gemini is my limit. It will be 35 years old Monday.


Pick a date for next year when all of us at least a year past the surgery can go on the Gemini together.



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Hi Iceman.  Congratulations, I am sure this news was a great relief. 

However, I am confused.  Calcification of the artery is a very common observation as we all age.  My CT scans have noted it inside mine but my oncologist (and radiologist) both were not concerned about it since it appeared to be a "normal" level for my age.

Regardless, this is why I try to reduce any factors that might lead to inflammation* in the body.  It is any inflammation of the artery that can lead to cardiovascular issues such as stroke or heart attack.

So were there some other factors that might have inspired your oncologist to direct to you that cardiologist?

*Internal inflammation can most easily be sparked by high levels of sugar(s) and by the wrong ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids in your diet.

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That's good news !!

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Wow...that title was a heart stopper!  But glad to know your heart is just fine and you will be advising everyone here for years to come.  You should change your name to Doc Icemantoo!



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Glad to hear you are OK Iceman. Your posts have been a huge help to me, as have those by the other members.

Take care,


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It's almost disgusting what the CT's and other tests will show.  Deteriorated discs, scar tissue, absence of specific organs.  They even will tell you that you haven't gone to the bathroom that day.  And just think, it's all because you had kidney cancer that they perform those little tests on a regular basis.

So, keep on having the tests and stay healthy.


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Congrats! Thats is awesome!!

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That is wonderful news.  You give the rest of us newer members hope.  Perhaps I won't fear the next call from my oncologist as much.

Stay well,


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Great result. I am due to have another scan next Wednesday. Fingers crossed for a good result. The last scan I had in March revealed spine mets for which I had radiation therapy. This scan hopefully will reveal that the radiation did it's thing and no new nasties. I am also due to have thyroid surgery on July 4 due to inclusive biopsy result. Wish me luck! 


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Wow Iceman that was some introduction. You'll be sending us all to the cardiologist!

The bottom line is we get to keep you here, and that's important to us all. Look forward to reading your posts for a long time to come.

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Great news Iceman!

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slow to this as I just got home. Keep paving the way IM2!

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