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My first 6 month checkup...tomorrow!

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 Well, it has been just a touch over 6 months since they took my right kidney. Recovery went very well and I have been running 5x a week for a few weeks now. I am thinking about it a bit (the checkup that is) but I am not really nervous or scared. I need to ask my doc a few questions about lifestyle. I just want to get it done and continue on, I have entered a big event for May 17th 2014. I have entered my bid to become an Ironman, right here in The Woodlands, Texas, just 2.5 hours away from my home town.

 I have been inspired by so many others, others worse off than me, some with cancer, some with fake legs, some blind, many others with big medical stories or challenges, so many of them before me have finished and became an Ironman. I feel I owe it to myself and to those who are too ill to do it, to get out there and say "I CAN", and to teach my children and others around me, that there is no "i can't". I don't want to wait, having cancer just 6 months ago has opened me a new lease on life, one in which I realize that I shouldn't wait around to get things done, I have decided that cancer is NOT going to define what I can or cannot do. Live today. Live in the moment.


 Here's to hearing "NED" a whole lot in the upcoming years. And to me being able to confront that monster in the heat of South Texas, to become something beyond what I ever thought I could do. For those that don't know what it is, it's a 2.4 mile swim in open water...a 112 mile bike ride...and then a 26.2 mile marathon for good measure, all in 17 hours or less.


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Best wishes and lots of prayer for a great check up.  I'm glad to hear you have goals set that keep increasing!  That is an important key!

Kick some butt tomorrow!

If yor are South of San Antonio, I offer blessings on your head for tyhe summer heat!  You'll need em! LOL Stay Hydrated!



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I hope your check up went well today, please come back and let us know. Good luck in the Ironman contest, we will be rooting for you. That will be quite something in the Texas heat, I used to live in Dallas, I could only walk for about 15 mins at a time in the summer months, so you have my admiration.



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My thoughts are with you. My 6 month scans are on July 10th.  For some reason I was never that neverous about the surgery but I am getting increasingly anxious about the scans and know July 11th is going to be a tough day waiting on the results.  I am sure your will be fine  I hear from other guys on the Board that it is normal to think the worst. 

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Nice attitude! Go for it.  I probably read it here but don't know where. The thought is, "Some people focus on what's wrong in their lives, some people focu on what's good about there lives. That is the secret to living well. AND you've GOT IT!!!

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