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Radiation for Recurrent widespread endometrial cancer

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Hi I am new to this site.  I have been living with Endometrial cancer for nearly three years.  I started with a D & C for Polyps that found the endometrial cancer Grade 1A stage 2 at initial diagnois.  I had a robotic total hysdirectomy a month later.  9 months I had Bilateral  Pulmonary Embolism  that also showed enlarged retropertineal lymph nodes.  They were monitored via cat scan for 1 year and biopsied in Oct 2012.  Confirmed to be Entrometrial cancer.  Upon physical exam found additional nodes in supraclavical area.  Had 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol starting in Nov. 2012 finished in March.  WIll start 30 rounds of IMRT radiation therapy on June 19th.  Very scared for the short term and potential long term side effects.  Has anyone out there undergone this much radiation- my full abdomen and left thoracic region will be treated.


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I'm sorry that you are going through this. You may also wish to check the uterine cancer boards.  I had IMRT to the whole pelvis, but not to the whole abdomen.  I later had radiation to the abdominal wall when I had a recurrence.  I've done a lot of chemo as well.  I really have not hato adverse effects from theradiation.  The IMRT is tissue sparring, and avoids healthy tissue.  I wish you the best.  Hugs.

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ALL the women here on these boards, on any below the belt cancer, are extremely helpful, but sometimes you will find more uner the "Cancer Specific" as ccfighter suggested.

I had 25 IMRT, which is suched an ADVANCED way of getting radiation and 3 internal.  I didn't care much for my radiologist but the radiation technicians (not sure what their title is) were the BEST.  They will see you every day, 5 days a week and they have seen it all.  I would recommend talking to them during your treatments as well.  They will tell you how radiation treatment has changed dramatically within the last 10 years! 

Radiation is still very scary.  At my last gynecological oncologist visit (April) he said he still saw remnants of the radiation which ended back in the beginning of October.  I don't say that to scare you.  Unfortunately, poisoning us to cure us seems to be the way this treatment goes right now. 

Hopefully someday there will be a cure, but the treatment has changed a lot. 

Please come over to the Uterine cancer board. 

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Was disgnosed cancer last November 2011 -- had surgery ..6 rounds of chemo...28 days of radiation.. was in remission for 6 mos .. then 11-05-12 my CA125 was 48... had surgery on my lymp node then 30 days f radiation...my 3 mos check up was lat week 7-2-13 and my CA125 was 103... have to get CTscan this wednesday and am a little nervous...don't what will happen..hope i can cope.

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