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Here we go again. Low platelets delays Doxil treatment.....again

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Platets were only 69 for scheduled doxil treatment.  He said we'd check it every week and "wait it out" as we did last time.  He had reduced the dosage by 20% last time.  He said that this is not at all unusual with as much chemo as I've had over the past nearly two years.  He said he would reduce the the dosage more next time. Said he would treat them next week if the reach 90. 


Ho Hum!  Hope you're all doing well.



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hopefully by next week you'll be ready to go!

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Sorry to hear that your platelets were too low for chemo this week.  I'm hoping that the delay is short-lived and that you'll be ready for Doxil next week.


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I read that the following foods help naturally raise platelet count: Collard greens, Kale, Lettuce, Garlic, Oysters, Papaya Leaf Extract. Also limit caffein and carbonated drinks.

Good luck next week!

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