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I got good news yesterday!

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Met with the cardiologist yesterday regarding the atrial fibrillation I had been experiencing.  He says it looks like my heart converted.  Since this was my second espisode, he said I may be one of the people who go in and out on their own.  He said my heart looks good.  His exact words, "Your heart looks pretty good for a 65-year old."  Uh, gee, thanks, I guess?  He prescribed a pill to help keep it in rhythm and I am to continue to take the Metoprolol that keeps my heart from racing.  So my heart is good but take these drugs.  Doesn't make much sense but I guess it is good to do while I am on chemo.  I'll see him in six months.  

I am still feeling so fatigued and a little lightheaded when I get up.  I have chemo next Wednesday so I was hoping to feel a lot better by now.  I also seem to have contracted a cold.  I haven't had a cold since before my diagnosis 3/16/2010.  Maybe that is adding to how I feel.  I said I have cancer and I have to get a cold too? 



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and we have to appreciate every little thing, so great news about your heart!

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2timothy1 7
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Happy for you, Karen. 

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Great Karen!  We're all always happy to hear any good news!!!! Cool

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So glad you got good news about your heart and I hope that pesky cold is short-lived.  The cold may be contributing to the fatigue and lightheadedness.  Don't try to push yourself; get lots of rest before the next chemo session.



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Your heart has fixed itself and your CA125 has dropped. This calls for a celebration, doesn't it? Try to rest and not make any sudden movements when you're feeling lightheaded. I did once and ended up with a hole in the drywall shaped like my forehead.

About feeling ignored - most people don't do it on purpose, they just have a very short attention span; if you're not constantly in their face they tend to move you down their priority list. If you feel like talking to someone, call them!. If you need something from them, don't wait till it dawns on them to offer - ask!

By next Wednesday I hope you get rid of the pesky cold and feel much better.

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Glad to be done
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That is great news.  I am so happy to hear you ticker is gonna keep on tictickung.  You are certainly on the good news track lately.  Stay on as long as you can.

I'm sorry you are feeling foggy.  I remember that oh so well.  It sucks.  


Some night we should all meet on here at the same time to chat. 

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Great news doesn't always cheer us up. I read your other post where you were feeling like people don't care as much as they did the first time around. I think we all experience that. I like to think that the ones closest to me are feeling that I'm not in imediate peril............ but, they could just be busy with their own lives and think I'll get through the next chemo like I have the ones before... :) Remember we're always here!

                                                                             (((HUGS)))   Maria

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