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With this new topic I will try to put a new perspective on our illness.

My name is Laz, I am a 48 year old male with a beautiful wife, a 15 year old amazing daughter, a great carreer, a big Stage 2-3 Rectal cancer and in the best case I will end up with a permanent colestomy.

Even though we have every reason to hate cancer and everything that comes with it and all bad in this world, but the emotion of hate is not good for you. It will add a useless nagative component to your days, it changes the way you see yourself, others and the world. These crapy days will add up to be crapy weeks, crapy weeks will add up to be crapy years and crapy years will make a crapy life.

It's inevitable that we all have this emotion in tough times, but you have to train yourself to seek out the good things even in your crapiest days, find them, stop, and appreciate them.

In so many ways cancer puts a new perspctive in our lives. Remember the phrases that you could never live by:

"One day at the time."

"Live like this is your last day."

"Every day do something that scares you." Elinor Roosevelt

"Live Like you are dieing."

"What would you do if you had 6 months to live?"

"When you are walking through hell, just keep walkind." Churchill

Here is our chance to suck the juice out of life, because we are going through the worst and have less and less to lose.

Wish you all the best. Laz

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I hate cancer! No two ways about it! Cancer is not my friend, cancer is the enemy. It is trying to take my life, making me too sick to suck the juice out of anything! I will fight this enemy until my dying day. There will be no surrender, no peace with it. I am glad that you are feeling so comfortable with cancer in your body! I do not accept the invasion!

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Of course, most of us will fight and do whatever we can to heal this illness. I just don't believe that hate is the right emotion to get support from.

If you hate something or somebody, your feeling of hate hurts you more and makes your life more miserable than those that hate is directed to. Your cancer is not a virus or germ invading you from the outside. It is from you and it's a part of you. Hating causes you anxiety and anxiety only helps the cancer not you.

I believe istead of fighting we should try healing not just the cancer but many other unrelated things in our lives.  

All the best for you, Laz

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I too hate cancer.  Hating cancer doesn't make me miserable, it fuels me to fight it.  It's a disease, a terrible disease that has taken many loved ones from me and others and has threatened to take me.  I find no peace in the word "cancer".  It's an ugly word and an ugly disease.  Does this mean I do not have a posiitive attitude?  No. I have a great attitude about life and living and I love people and I hate no one. But I do hate cancer!


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As we say in New England, whatever floats your boat!

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of course I was devasted when I was told I had stage 4 cancer.  hate cancer, no.  I feel gratitude that I am alive, a better person, a stronger person.  All those phrases I have thought.  No negative here.  gratitude, gratitude, gratitide

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