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"Furthermore, poor disease-free survival in colorectal cancer patients was associated with low tumour ascorbate (Vit C) content."



Thought this might interest some.

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Thanks Tony. That is very interesting. I know vitamin c has been a hot topic of controversy but I think that was more in reference to boosting the immune sysrem

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I read it in an other article that large dose of Vitamin C worked great on tuberculosis patient that didnt react to any antibiotic.


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How is your son doing?  I've been thinking of you guys.  Hope things are going ok.  AA

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but unfortunatley he is going slowly blind, we are trying to de-bulk, just looking for a surgeon that's willing. Other than that he is fine.

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I am so truly sorry to hear that. I am truly thankful for all the information you send us when you have so much more important things to worry about.

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Poor kid has been through too much. I can only begin to imagine how difficult this has been for your family. Good luck finding a surgeon.

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I wish that children could be immune to any childhood diseases....

This is very tough news, Tony....very tough.

I don't have children, but I feel the heartache in yours and every other parent who has posted here.

Kids should get a free pass to adulthood....

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Your poor boy.  It seems so wrong that as parents we can't somehow spare our children pain.  There's nothing harder for a parent to face.  I hope you can find a surgeon who will help.  Sending you strength~AA

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Thanks for the good information!


Best Always,  mike

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Thank you for taking time to post this information for us.  Although there has been some controversey about the usefullness of Vitamin "C" it seems that the pro's are quickly building.

Tony please accept my sincere positive thoughts and hope of relief for your son.  I agree, our youth should not have to suffer these diseases.


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some like it hard some like it soft.

at hallwang its software ie 15 gr twice a week, more about stimulating the immune than hardcore cytotoxic.

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My wife has done ca 60-80 grams of IV vitamin C per infusion for three years, 1.5-7x week, after too (s)low a ramp up in May of 2010.  IV vitamin C helps drive her inflammation levels down and keep chemo symptoms at bay.  Independent labs tests indicated that C helps kill tumor cells with light chemo and high dose K2 better than the normal heavy duty stuff.  

After about 5 days, she seems to need an IV recharge.


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but please don't worry about us, you all have your own crap to deal with.

I started this thread after looking at hypoxia, this truly seems to be why cancer gets aggressive, becomes resistant and ultimatley migrates.

Tumour gets to a certain size and needs oxygen/nutrients to grow, signals go out and angiogenesis starts, the newly created addition becomes quickly hypoxic (especially in agrressive tumours), signals go out angiogenesis starts, eventualy too much necrotic/hypoxic conditions and signals go out to relocate.

Hypoxic tumours need 3x more radiation to kill and evade chemo, hypoxia drives hundreds of genes. Tumours are desperate for oxygen but can't build the stable blood supply that normal tissue can, but they also don't like too much oxygen!

Hypoxic tumours have almost no Vitamin C

Today we are visiting a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. 

This doc says it better than me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msmAganFzEY 

It may seem counterintuative to give tumours more oxygen but it explains a lot including the problems with Avastin and other VEGF inhibitors.

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