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tomorrow - 1 year anniversary....

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Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary [ 06/12/2012 ] where I received the call from my Internist's office that she needed to speak with me that

afternoon [ I had a CT scan - long story as to why ].

I remember her telling me, "these things are sometimes benign'. She even called a local surgeon and asked of he could do a biopsy...wtf? :) She wasted no time after that and got me into a local Urologist/ Surgeon two days later and he immediately told me 'You have cancer', but I was going to be ok and make a full recovery. He took charge and ordered many tests including MRI, Bone Scan, etc, etc and then I proceeded to go see and speak with 3-4 specialists to determine the best course of action...partial or radical. My surgery date was 07/17/12 and was in the hospital for 2 nights after my 'radical' - right neph. Final path report - 5.0cm Stage 1, Grade 1 tumor. Since then I've had two CT's, bloodwork, and a few xrays.

I didn't make my first post here until 2 days after my surgery. I didn't even find the site until about the same time. I now know that this is often a 1st stop as many of you are trying to find your way, make sense of things, etc. [ there are some very smart, insightful people within these rooms ]  - but most of all it's just that someone who understand what we're going through just listens to us, lets us rant and vent, and helps us keep the faith. My friends were great but they weren't knowledgeable, not should they have been, but YOU all are, which is so wonderful - 'friendhsip and educated support'.

A few people I would like to single out for their support and patience. In no particular order....Thank you for your help, love, and continued support. GOD BLESS everyone here who has supported my rants, hypochondria with 'mostly' non-judgement. Thank you!!



Texas_Wedge  - [ pls explain what this name means :) ]


I have since left my surgeon due to less than acceptable 'bad bedside manner and staff interaction' and am now being treated by an oncologist and see a new Urologist as well. I'm keeping the faith and 'mostly' feel lucky on most days, which this site helps with. I read the passionate stories mostly from the sidelines and know YOU are the true fighters in the world, dealing with fear, sorrow, ups & downs. I know I have been a lot luckier than some here, and some have been luckier than me, but the thing to remember - WE ARE all here for each other and personally my life the past year wouldn't have been as easy to deal with, and I'm sure most of us would say the same thing, if this place didn't exist. I also have to give a shout out to the KIDNEY-ONC List as well, so much support and great advice that came from that board as well. Thank you. GOD BLESS everyone!

To our continued health, happiness, and long lives!!


Michael --


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As it turned out the year wasn't so bad even with the not so fun initiation. Stick around some more and help me with the newbies. In the past 24 hours we have changed Pauley from a scardy cat to a fighter.


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A very gracious posting, MG, fairly capturing the value of this wonderful forum (and KIDNEY_ONC, now Smart Patients).

You asked me to explain my moniker - 'texas wedge' is a golfing term referring to using your putter for a shot from a distance for which one would usually use a club called a 'wedge'.  That practice was made famous by the legendary golfer Ben Hogan, who was a Texan.

I'm keen to hear from MedScanMan, who hasn't been on for quite a while (unlike iceman, who's part of the furniture) and hope it's simply because he's just too busy these days.

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I wish you a long and happy life and expect to see more anniversary posts as the years pass by!

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woo hoo happy anniversary.....heres to many more....

eims x

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WoW!  A Year!  I'll be grateful for reaching that benchmark! 

Best of all wishes for you and lets keep your streak going into multiple years!

Keep up the good work!


Michael Too!

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Congratulations!  Many more years to come.  I have learned something of extreme value by reading the posts here, that it does take a positive attitude, intestinal fortitude (both of which I have been lacking) faith (always have that) and the wonderful support and information that is shared here.  Keep up the good work and continued good health to you for your next anniversary.



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Thank you for the well wishes, much appreciated. God Bless everyone here....

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That first year seems to move slowly...now chasing year 4 I can tell ya time is back to flying by...here's to many many more!

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Good for you! Love to hear it!

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