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trout and flounder

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jim and i
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Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. Jim's catch today was a flounder and 22 inch trout. Definately lifted his spirits.

John, how do I attach a picture? Please explain for dummies:)

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er, that's a good one.  Need to see a picture of this fish!

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I'm not exactly sure how to upload pics on here yet, but you could always try this:

Pull up the picture on your computer and hit "print screen" and "ctrl" at the same time. Then go to this area where you post and right click paste.  Good luck!

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Send me your email..., I can do it for you... I made a detailed pdf, but can't find it, LOL...

But, if you can understand this;

1. click the tree icon in the menu bar of the reply box

2. A box opens, click the small window to the far right of Image URL

3. Another box opens, click upload

4. Click browse and go to where your photo is stored on your computer, double click the photo file

5. Click upload, this puts it in a CSN box under your name

6. Double Click the photo file now in your box from 3 above

7. now the box from 2 above is back, with your photo in it, type something in Image Description, and Title and hit Insert

8. now the photo is in your reply box...

You do have some control on the size by clicking the photo, and use the sizing squares in the corners...


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oops didn't work ! Got it !!!

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