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Morning Favorites

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Good Morning fellow troopers, survivors, warriors..... Just wanted to show a few of my morning favorites..., Coffee and CSN.


Seize the day, prepare for battle, love the ones your with....


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Ingrid K
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Joined: Mar 2011

Good Morning Skiff.......

and did you know that was your 7000th POST !!

CONGRATS and THANKS for all you do for the rest of us.


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The coffee that is... or as it pronounced where I come from, "cawfee". Black please and strong. It still tastes a little off but it works the same :)

Have a great day!


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Exactly my morning too....Laughing

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My dad always says at breakfast now "as long as I'm on the up side of the grass I'm happy" it drives my mom crazy! 

it is amazing what a profound effect on life this brick wall has when you hit it! 

Enjoy the ones your with is a very meaningful 5 words.

as always John thanks for all you do and say.


Mrs. Sarge
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Joined: Apr 2012

The local newspaper is first, then CSN is next, along with coffee!!

Keep up the good work, John, you're a help to all of us!!

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Just finishing my coffee too. Getting ready to dress and walk to work! It's a busy week--the big game show-and-tell convention starts today (E3), and we're trying to line up funding or a publisher for our free-to-play FPS so I have lots of meetings, demos, etc. Then we're heading down to San Diego for a weekend getaway along with attending the wedding of two good friends!

It's good to have lots of distractions before my August ENT check-up and possible PET to see what's up with the WHATISIT in my head. ;-)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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I try to get my CSN time in on the boss's dime :-) And yes John, thanks for all you do...much appreciated!

Posts: 839
Joined: May 2013

COFFEE!  That's usually my morning, before treatments.  A cup of coffee and facebook.  haha

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