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MRI brain update

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Had MRI of brain this am and saw surgeon for routine check up. All ok for now. I should have felt elated but didn't feel anything. I keep wondering what will happen next. I feel the Oncologist doesn't know what to think and probably cant. He doesn't want to do "maintanence chemo" until after early August scan. My mind wanders to what if left side of brain gets a tumor or will the sirspheres extend my time, etc, etc.
I hate is disease and all the emotional strength it takes to keep going.
Trying to enjoy this summer ad much as possible. Couldn't do anything last summer because of chemo.
Avistan and xeloda is the plan after Aug scan. Next liver treatment is 7/2.

Wishing everyone wellness and thank you for letting me post.

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Well, I am elated for you. This is great news. Try and enjoy your summer. Congratulations and thanks for the update. Have been wondering about you.


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You should celebrate the good news and try not to worry about the future. None of us know what the future holds wether we have cancer or not. Live life to its fullest when you are feeling well.

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You're showing us how it gets done with the brain mets, Barb....

I'm truly astounded by your progress....those are the two words that I fear would spell the end of me....or at least the part of me that anybody would want. 

Seeing you go through this has given me some hope for this area - and through your example, I might try and fight it there if I ever had to. 

I get the feeling you described up above.....about wanting to feel something....but feeling nothing.

I had that one too when my 3rd fight wrapped up.....I was waiting for balloons to fall out of the ceiling while the band serenaded with cake and ice cream and everyone in the room whooping it up....

Instead, it was non-eventful and left me with a flatline feeling...

But, as you say, it's hard to always move on....in fact, it can be the most difficult aspect of our cancer battles, next to surviving it. 

I'm so proud of you and what you've accomplished!

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Thank you for your support.

Its very difficult to know where to fit in with friends and coworkers. At this high level of care its something that is not easy to explain to people going about life however they can.

I am trying to plan fun things on weekends as my limited budget allows and feel fortunate to be working for now.

My kids have become more supportive but I do try to show them I am still there for them in spite of what we are dealing with and so many unknowns.

Again, your posts have helped me. Each test is such a trying period.


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