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Last radiation treatment today

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I've been out of touch for awhile, surviving my treatment, but today I received my last radiation treatment and had them throw the g#*!  mask away.  I received Amifostene/Ethyol shots throughout and still have good saliva production.....although I can't taste anything.  I have bad radiation burn on my neck ....I guess I didn't use Aloe and Aquaphor consistently enough.   I lost too much weight but avoided needing a PEG, so far.   I'm told it will be another week or two before I start noticing feeling bettter, but at least the radiation is done now.  It was tougher than I anticipated, but also went faster than expected.



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Now you don't have to get up and go somewhere every single day....that was a huge relief for me.  You made it all thru the Amifostine, too.....GOOD FOR YOU!!  That stuff is tough. 

Now put your dancing shoes on, and whirl your wife around the kitchen....it's a tradition!! LOL


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No body promised you a rose garden, LOL... Just teasin, it's an azz kicker for sure..., and the Amifostine just makes it even a little tougher.

Awesome news, congrats...

Like you said, you still have a few weeks of crap to deal with... But the mental power of knowing you are done is huge..., tap on that.

Best ~ John

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LOL, so you know where at least some of my Abi-Normal humor stems from... Humor only another from the Corps could ummm appreciate...


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Great news! !  How recovery is twice as fast! 

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Congrats! I have to ask some of the veterans but I believe we graduate from "newbie" status when we finish treatment ;)

Ok.... hang on just a little bit longer. The next couple of weeks are going to be rough but you will get better. It took every bit of three weeks for me to turn the corner. I'm doing much better at 7 weeks out. Keep using the cream on your neck. It should heal up within a week or so. 

I kept my mask. I have plans for it... hehehe... Can't bame you for trashing yours!

Feel better soon!

Positive thoughts and prayers


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I am so very happy for you!  Congrats!!!

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Let the healing begin! T, I think you are still officially under our wing until the after burners shut down....John will have to correct me on that if I am wrong :-) 

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I rang my bell for you, it made my wife and the cat look at me.

If the burn is bad try some silver sulfadizine cream, it works measurably better than Aquaphor (been there done that).


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I threw my mask away too.!!!  never wanted to see that thing again.  I'd have run over it with my car if I had to take it with me when I left!

Congrats on getting past the toughest part, RADS.  Now be patient and all this crap will get better, trust me on this.  Not quickly, but slowly gets better.

All the best Steve

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Outstanding news, as the others stated, the next few weeks will be a bit bumpy and then you start to turn the corner. Measure your improvements in weeks, not days.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Mich4el , on finishing your treatments ! Now the healing can begin ! I too threw away my Mask , I didn't want to see it or think about it again ! I hope you feel better soon.


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I've been wondering how you were doing !  Time to sit back and let the healing begin.  Please keep us posted how you're doing now and then.  Katie

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Great milestone and one to be proud of. Get better so you can celebrate later at one of your favorite places. I agree the treatments are rough but they do seem to come and go quickly. Again, way to go now the recoop begins.

Take care


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Hoping the best for you.

Rob finished 1.5 weeks ago and it has been rougher now than before. Hoping he starts to turn a corner soon. I think the mucous is starting to let up but his tongue is still hot mess.

Wishing you the best.


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Thanks for all your nice comments.  This discussion board was a tremendous help to me in preparing for and undergoing treatment.  I will do my best to return the favor to those who are coming after me. 



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Ingrid K
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CONGRATS on being done with rads.  That is a huge milestone.

One of my most memorable days in all of this was the last day of radiation.

Sending you my best wishes for a speedy recovery from here on out.


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Congrats on finishing your rads!  Keep in mind that from here on it will be a slow, but steady, recovery.  Two small steps forward, one step back.  It helped me to gauge my recovery by the week, not by the day--and to understand that setbacks are just part of the process.  Set some realistic goals for getting back to health, but don't put a timeline on them.  That just increases the stress and frustration.  Best wishes as you enter this new stage of life as a cancer survivor.



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Now you can get some rest and focus on recovery. It's a great feeling being done! :-)

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Congratulations. I'm glad to hear you're done. It sounds like you're doing well. I'm a little envious, but my last day is right around the corner - June 24th! I can't wait to know just how you feel.

MICH4EL's picture
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I was forwarned that it often takes two weeks after the last radiation treatment to start to feel better, so I'm still feeling pretty crummy but I know that it is only a matter of time now. 


Skiffin16's picture
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I think you might have been half forewarned Mike..., a more realistic time frame is 4- 6 weeks.... But hey, better is always worth striving for... annnnd you are done, so everyday further from the rads room is a day closer to the new you....


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Joined: Apr 2013

YAY!  So happy when I see someone on the board get done with their  treatment.  My husband is on rad #21 today, 9 to go. We have been very blessed as his radiation is on only 1 side of his neck, which has limited his side-effects.  I think he has plans for his mask as well :)  I pray you will recover well from here on out!

josh r.
Posts: 251
Joined: Oct 2010

Cheers to you and yours Michael! This is great news. josh r.

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Congrats...you made it through the worst  Ann

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congrats michael.  what a huge step.  now recovery starts. recovery can also be rough but u can do it.  remember 2 take it 1 day at a time and listen 2 ur body.  if ur body tells u it needs a nap, then take a nap.  try 2 eat as much as u can.  just take care of urself.


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i too went threw radiation and no peg, so glad to hear of another cancer survivor, i almost didn't make it with no peg, that dam mask was thrown and disposed off. please keep us informed on your recovery, the cream didn't help me either, lost 60lbs...try wet wash clothes while in the bath tub, this soaked of the dead skin and relieves the burn, the radiation cream works but put it on thick, this lessens the scaring from the burn. take care, i hope your able to drink and eat soon, i found the lobster bisque from krogers was the easiest thing to eat and tasted great...try it. god speed, take care..Dennis

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Glad to hear the treatment is over! Yes, the next two to three weeks will still be a little rough as you are still "cooking" from the radiation, but rest assured you will get to feeling better!

Be sure to ask your doctor for some Silver Sulfadiazine Cream on that neck! It works wonders!


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That's great, you sound like you are doing way better then I was doing after treatments. I never wanted to see my mask again either, yuck and double yuck, it smelled (I know it did not but my smeller was messed up) like rotten meat.

Like they said before you at still cooking for a few days so take care of your skin.

Glad your done and good luck with your future.


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Thanks everyone.  Update:  my radiation burns are noticeably better.  I have been slathering on Aquophor, letting it sit for a few hours, than cleaning off the dead stuff with a Q tip.  I repeated several times a day.  Wearing old t-shirts andusing  old pillowcases because of the staining.  Only a few small coin-sized areas remain that are still oozing the dead skin. 



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Great to get that last one over with. Rick.

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