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Neck Dissection Question

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Had a radical left neck dissection three years ago.  35 or so lymp nodes were removed.  lately I have noticed the area often gets clammy, cold, and wet feeling, often while I'm eating ( no I don't need a bib ).

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Hey brother.., just a shout out, long time no hear from you...glad to see you doing well...other than your question.

I can't offer any help toward your question (other than probable nerve damage), but you know someone will offer up their story soon...



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Haven't had those sensations but then I am only 1 year post tx

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I'm glad i'm not the only one with this problem. I also feel like something is crawling on my neck. It is tough to survive the treatment sometimes

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is likely what you are experiencing.  After surgery around the parotid salavary gland, this is an occasisonal problem.  Here's a reference.



I don't know that I've seen that come up here before.



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Joined: May 2010

Thank you all for your responses.  Pat, I checked out the link and that could very well be what is going on.

I see it more as a nuisance than anything else and I am certainly not alarmed by it.

Thanks again and I hope you are all doing well.


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