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Brother Update

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Today is Day 6 for my brother's treatment.  He's doing quite well actually, except that he has already lost 11 lbs.  I was amazed on how well he did after his first chemo.  He wasn't even a little bit sick.  He was warned, however, that because he handled the first one well, does not mean that the subsequent ones will be a breeze for him too.  I am hoping that he will get a break on the chemo end of things at least. 

I went to visit him (a little cancercation, LOL) for a couple days.  It was great being with him before he hits the brick wall.  Side effects are gradually coming into play.  He is a bit more tired and all of a sudden water tastes bad to him.  He discovered he likes soda water mixed with apple juice, so he keeps on drinking and is following most all of the advice that I have learned from this site and have shared with him.  We are all holding our breaths because we know things could and probably will change drastically by this time next week.

He had another scan done.  Is that to check to see if the tumor is shrinking, or to see if the cancer has spread.  Maybe both?

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he breezed through chemo. My husband had a better time with the rads than chemo. Several people on here said they had no problem with the chemo, I hope that continues for him.

I don't know about the scan as we didn't have any mid-treatment, but that is probably because my husband had surgeries to remove the tumor and lymph nodes so there was nothing to watch. I'm sure others will weigh in.

Thanks for keeping us posted, I was wondering about you guys.

Take Care,


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Sorry no help here either. I also had surgery first so no mid-tx scans. But, prayers coming his way.........

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