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Adrenal cancer

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Hello all,

I was diagnosed on June 29th 2012 with ACC.  I had a 24cm tumor on my adrenal gland,it had spread to my liver where a 12cm tumor had formed and to my right lung where a 1.4cm tumor had formed. Chemo did not work, I went from Maine med. to Sloan Kettering in NYC.  The greatest docs in the world!  I had an embolization done on my liver which killed about 97 percent of the tumor a follow up embolization finished killing that tumor at that point some work was done on my larger tumor on the adrenal but had only a small effect.  At that point the docs decided to do a major surgery and they went in and took the large tumor, the adrenal gland, my left kidney, my gal bladder and the embolized tumor out of my liver, all at the same time!  That was a big op to say the least.  I'm still recovering from that.  That was about two months ago, and I will go in for a cat scan in about four more weeks.

I still have the tumor in my lung and after my scan we will decide along with the team of Docs at Sloan Kettering what my next move is.  I think it will depend a lot on if any new tunmors have showed up in my abdomen or if I'm clean, then we can concentrate on the one in the Lung.

My faith in God, prayer, family, and the Docs have got me this far, I have faith we can keep moving forward.

I wish you all well.  Have faith, I know it's hard but trust me, when I ran into complications with my big surgery and had to go back in to surgery a second time just two days later, as they were wheeling me in the operating room my wife kissed me and said "keep your faith" I did and we were fine.


ps.  I also have a blog called "Safe Ground" which I just started.  You can find it if you search on google key words adrenal cancer safe ground.  Check it out.

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