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Blood in stools...kind of scared

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I'm 5 months post treatment. I've had a colonoscopy and there was no more cancer. I've been on a vegan diet for 5 months. Things were going well until this morning. I had a "normal" stool and it kind of hurt, but there was bright red blood in it. I'm not in pain but it really scared me. I see my general onc next week. Should I call my radiaiton onc? Or is this normal. I know that ever since the cancer treament my hemrrhoids are awful. I'm so scared the cancer is back.


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I have had so many episodes of bleeding post-treatment that I have lost count.  There can be several causes--hemorrhoids, anal stenosis, fissures, radiation proctitis and perhaps others.  The "bottom" line is that this is probably nothing and falls within the realm of normal post-radiation.  I know it's frightening when it happens, however.  Just make sure to let your oncologist know about it and ask him/her if a call to the rad onc would be wise.  I think you'll be told "it happens" and not to read anything into it as far as recurrence.  Radiated bowels/anuses are not happy sometimes.  That's most likely what it is.

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Thank you! I feel better. Isn't that awful? I feel better knowing you had the same experience and its "normal". I will talk to my onc about it next week. I do remember now that my rad onc said I might go through side effects of the radiation for 18 months or longer. Still it freaks me out when I see something like this. Thank you for your reassurance


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You are most welcome!  That's what makes this site so great--knowing that some of the things we experience also happen to others.  Of course, we would all like it if none of us had to deal with any of these things, but there is comfort in knowing that we are not alone.  I think you'll get good news from your doctor and your worries will be relieved.  Let us know what he/she says.

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I bleed every day, blood in stool at least once a week.  Every bowel movement is like giving birth and it's always just a tiny hard little nugget.  I still call my doc and question him.  I am beginning to wonder if it is just bleeding all the time.  Did I mention the pain.  Ouch!!!!

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I have blood everytime there is an exam of the area. Not sure when your colonoscopy was, but could be residue of that. Don't worry, but do talk with your docs.

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Yes it is scary. I'm 2 years post treatment and still bleed at times. Both my oncologist and colorectal drs said it was radiation protictis. All checkups have been fine. Would be a good idea to mention it to dr.



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Coming up on 4 years post treatment.  I still see some slight blood at times, depends on what I eat.  Had spaghetti and tomato sauce and almost had a heart attack when I say the "red".  I'm still learning what I can and cannot eat without adverse effects.


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Went to Olive Garden with Hubby yesterday...  Ate a small amount of salad....   Will not do so again any time soon!  It is truly a case of trial and error on what we eat!  NO LETTUCE for me.  we have a pizza place here in town where I can order a Garden Salad with NO lettuce!  They cut up lots of tomatos, cucumbers, carrots etc for me. They make awesome "healtyish" pizzas!  Just one quiet explanation to the owner....

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Thank you all for your input. I have noticed when I eat watermelon (which is my fave fruit) I will bleed. So I guess none of that for me :(. I called my rad onc and he did say the bleeding is normal. I am going to keep a food journal to write down what I can't eat. I have just been able to eat raw veggies now. As of right now I cant eat tomato's, any kind of tomato sauce and watermelon.

Also, I have noticed another hemrrhoid is forming on the outside and I'm freaking out. My rad onc told me not to worry because I had radiation there and it would kill everything. But of course that is no comfort because I was treated for an internal hemrrhoid and it was misdiagnosed and it was cancer. I have noticed that the hemrrhoids I do have are worse since treatment. Does anyone else have this problem?

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A little while after I finished treatment, I think it was about a month or so after, I developed what they called a thrombosed hemorroid. The colo-rectal surgeon said not to worry about it, it wasn't cancer (she was the one who first diagnosed me, and she's very good at what she does). She said it would resolve on its own, and it did. Took a few weeks, but it did go away. That was about four years ago now and nothing like it has resurfaced. Hope yours has the same outcome.

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It will be ok--from, what I read on here---we all have a new normal

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I used to have problems with an internal hemmeroid that dropped down and caused all kinds of grief. You just reminded me that I am not having that problem any more. I had that thing since I was 20.

I wonder if that was helped by the Psyllium Husks I am so religious about taking every day also? Everything changes for me if I don't take Psyllium Husks. Diarreah, constipation and now you are reminding me, that hemmerroid. Or maybe it just got better?



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