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Half way done!

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Hey everyone, I just reached the half way mark for my radiation treatments! Doing pretty well, only had three days of fatigue so far, and some redness, but not bad. Aquaphor is my friend at this point. Three more weeks and I will be finished with this phase of my treatment. Tamoxifen is my next course. Am a little uneasy, but my oncologist says my body has given me three warning shots in the past three years and tamoxifen is very effective and since my tumor was 96% estrogen receptor positive--it should give me extra protection considering my family history. (Mom diagnozed at age 38, maternal grandmother, and cousin diagnozed at 47).  

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Congrats on the halfway point!  I think Aquaphor was everyone's best friend during rads. 

Hugs, Angie

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Hi!  Congrats on bring half way done.  Before you know it, it will be over. Yeah!


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so exciting HALF way...

I made up a reverse calender instead of counting days completed...i had one I marks off with remains days left!.

That is the only date I remember is MY LAST radiation -it will be 5 yrs on the 28th of this month...soon you'll be looking back at long time since completed..

Happy you are handling it well, min side effects...

Keep us posted



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Congrats on being half way done. I have completed 10 treatments and have 23 more to go. Yes I to use Aquaphor every time after treatment. So far so good, just a little fatigue. I too will start on Tamoxifen when I am done with the rads. I hope that we both do not have the many side effects.

Good Luck!


Candi Cane
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Granna Beth, that is terrific news!

taylor manny
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Congratulations!  I did what Denise did.  It helped to see the finish line was getting nearer. 


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Sending the biggest of congrats on the 1//2 point!  Good luck with the rest!

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This is great!  Congrats!

Lynne P
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Excellent!  Sounds like you are faring well as you anticipate the end of whatever all you have had to do to battle this disease.  Not everyone does, as you may have seen as you peruse the boards here.

I started tamoxifen last August, just ahead of my starting radiation therapy.  My oncologist was just telling me at my three-month check last Monday that he thinks he will extend my hormonal therapy, based on what he is reading -- that there appears to be benefit.  He is thinking I'd do this 7-10 years rather than 5.  He has talked about midway (five-year) changing the drug I take.  I forget what that drug is.  (Although, it may be that that changes, if he is going to extend my hormonal therapy.) 

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Wonderful!  Celebrating the halfway point with you!  We will get the party hats out when you finally are done! 

Sue :)

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I can't wait to be halfway done!  It must feel really good to be so close to the end.  Congrats!

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Thrilled for your news of being halfway done!

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Desertgirl, it seems that some onco's are considering keeping their patients on hormone therapy longer than the 5 years.  I don't think there is enough research done on it yet to prove that by staying on it longer helps, but, I could be wrong about that. 

Good luck to you!

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Congratulations on being halfway done. I too reached the halfway point on the June,11th. I have had some redness but not bad. I too have been using creams, I have some stuff that the nurse gave me and some stuff that has steroids in it. I also bathe the area in green tea once a day.  I am done with chemo, though I do get an infusion of Herceptin every three weeks. As of yesterday I only have either 12 or 15 treatments to go, it's up to my radiology oncoligist to determine when the time comes.

God Bless


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Congrats to you and to Charlie for both being halfway finished! 

June Bugs
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Just saw this.  You should be almost done by now.  Congrats!

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coming your way.  Continued Strength and Courage.


Vicki Sam

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Kristin N
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Adding my biggest of congrats!  Texas Charlie, you well?

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Just wait until you ring that bell, get that diploma and not have to be zapped every day!  It will be here before you know it and we'll be dancing to celebrate with you!

Sue :)

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