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Hi everyone, I started two years ago with chemo for about 9 months, i was free of treatment for 6 months and cancer came back I satrted with Avastin Doxil and Platinol for 5 months, I as ok until 2 weeks ago and My oncologist just told me that the cancer again is back and bad, he usgested to start with Topotecan daily mon-fri for one week then off 2 weeks. Anyone experience this before, how my body will respond. Thank you

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Posts: 21
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I forgot to mention, my ovarian cancer started May 2011 had complete hysterectomy and chemo after

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I have had 3 cycles of topotecan on a 21 day cycle when I have it day 1, 2 & 3 then start again.   Initially my CA125 continued to rise at about 25-30% but this last one only 6 per cent so I am hoping it is now having some effect.  The side effects for me have been minimal - a little thinning of my hair, neuropathy and lethargy.  My white cell count was pretty low this last test.  If you look me up on the roll call 2013 you will see my history.   I do hope it works well for you - and me too!! Stay strong, keep smiling!


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I haven't had topotecan as yet, but it's the next drug in line for me if cisplatin/gemzar stops being effective. I wish you great success with this treatment and will be checking back to see how you're doing.

                                                            ((((HUGS))))   Maria


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