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Motorcycle ride and fish fry on a beautiful day....

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Joined: Aug 2012

What a beautiful day it was! Was able to take the bike out today and drive along the gorgeous lake.....then stopped for a good perch fry!

Boy, it's nice to feel normal. Laughing   Hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend!!



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Glad you had a good time. I recall how good it felt as I was able to resume some of my favorite things. Better sense of appreciation now too!

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Hi C~,

I'm not a motorcycle kind of guy but that fish fry sounds yummy! It certainly is a wonderful feeling to do something "normal" after going through what we went through :)  Here's no many more "nomalizing" days.


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Post's like these make me Smile big time !  It so fantastic to see you enjoying life !   Katie

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There you go...., trying to be normal in an Abi-Normal World..., LOL.

Tell the old man I said "Hey"..., about time he got off of his azz and start livin...susel


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Doing the things that we used to do, enjoying the freeness to just go and have fun....there isn't anything better.  Your post makes me smile.


PS...Greg and I got into normal today, too....recreationally that is....in the beginning of recovery work made me feel "normal", but that wore off fast.....like it was WAY too normal....LOL

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There are so many things we are grateful for today that we would ahve ignored pre cacner....glad to see you are enjoying life!


cureitall66's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

Went shopping yesterday and got myself some more gear (motorcycle gear that is.....not fishing gear as Skiffin may like to think...lol) and I'm ready to do some more ridin'!

New boots- Check

New vest- Check

Couple tanks (clothing, not gas!) - Check 


Can't wait for the summer to get moving.... Wink

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