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Pamela B
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Have many of you had Hormone Replacement Therapy, either bio identical or synthetic, and do you suspect it had any impact on getting ovarian cancer?

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Hearty Pioneer
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No, but I had two rounds of Clomid, between 1995 and 1997. 

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because I was not menopausal yet. 8-9 months before I was diagnosed I had Mirena progesterone IUD installed. Prior to that for 17+ years I always used copper IUD's, never once been on "The Pill".  I doubt it had any bearing on the OVCA diagnosis, since mine was hereditary.

Now I am on daily Premarin estrogen orally and twice weekly vaginally for the last 9 months since my hysterectomy. Can't be happier.

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I never took HRT. Was happily on birth control pills for nearly 20 years until my doctor made me stop, then a copper IUD that made me miserable with long, heavy, painful periods. Had a hysterectomy at 45 but kept ovaries. Uneventful menopause in early 50s (according to a blood test). Ovarian cancer diagnosed Feb 2013 at age 65 after having a large cyst removed. No family history of breast or ovarian cancer. My mother will be 100 in a couple of months!

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My DX in 2000 was followed with complete hysterctomy and chemo.  The doctor did give me Premarin cream, but it caused my numbers to rise.  I decreased the dosage, no change.  Went off of it completely, the numbers came down.  Had a recurrance in 2006, don't know if it's related.  But I was advised NEVER to have HRT, whether bio or synthetic.  Don't even take any herbs that claim to help menopause. 

I had a friend who was also diagnosed, received surgery and treatment.  She was doing well, but her doctor put her on HRT.  Not even 2 years later she had a recurrance with a vengence.



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