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Avastin deductible assistance

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I know this has been posted before, but this seems like a really helpful program if you can get your hospital to bill correctly...which is obviously too much to ask from our hospital.  They've been giving me the run around, but expect that we pay a $4800 bill from January which could have been covered by this avastin co-pay assistance.  If you have had luck with this, please share any tips:



Avastin Access Solutions offers the Genentech BioOncology Co-pay Card to help you with the out-of-pocket costs of your Avastin® (bevacizumab) prescription.


Activation Card



Qualified Patients*

  • I am covered by commercial insurance

    - To answer "yes" to this question, you cannot be covered by a government-funded health care program such as Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DoD or Tricare

  • I am age 18 years or older
  • I currently live or get treatment in the United States or Puerto Rico


If you answered "yes" to all the questions above, you are eligible.


* If you are receiving funding from the Genentech® Access to Care Foundation, you are not eligible for the Genentech BioOncology Co-pay Card Program.
Vermont state laws do not allow programs like this.



What the card covers


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What a clever marketing scheme. At least Vermont has some common sense. 

We have a saying and it goes like this: "Only in America"

Surprising how often it is used. 

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I signed up and received a card and took it to onc office.  We only pay a flat 75 copay each time regardless of what treatment he receives.  Lady told me that since we already met our deductible for this year, this would not help until first of Next year when deductible not been met yet.  I don't really understand it.  But I did try.

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Nana b
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I get assistance with myXeloda, co pay.  I was supposed to pay 100, for ezch RX, but they pick up $90 of it, and I pay 10.  Then my health insurance waived the $10 and I get it free.  Co pays don't usually go towards your deductible, so it doesn't make sense.  Maybe you met your maximum out of pocket and you don't have to pay anthing this year?  

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