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Graduated yesterday Friday 6/7/13

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Well, I did it! Started college in 2011 three weeks after my first colon/liver/ureter resection, then continued going during chemo, a heart attack and stent installed 2012 spring semester, then more chemo, then three weeks ago another liver resection during spring 2013 semester I graduated with an Associates degree in Political Science with High Honors.

I never graduated from high school which I've always regretted and I am proud to graduate from college at age 54, so yep, I did it all with the cap and gown and the walk to get the diploma!

I cannot thank enough those of you who encouraged me along the way!  Thank you so much.

Next, onto Cal-State Monterey Bay University!

Check mark one on the bucket list with a lot more to go.

Winter Marie

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Just thinking how far you have come since you first got here.
Super proud of you my friend.

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That is so awesome and I am so proud of you. You just keep adding to an already amazing story.

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I think that you need to submit your story to the Cope magazine too!  It shows what can be accomplished when you set your goals and keep your eye on the prize...regardless of this disease!

You have done a remarkable job of making every day count!

Keep up the great work, but take a little time out to celebrate with gusto!!!

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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That is wonderful news.  I'm very proud of you marching forward going through all you did.  Glad you finally got to wear that cap and gown.


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You're an inspiration and you should be tremendously proud of yourself. Congratulations.


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Just great!  You are a tremendous role model.

You also prove that cancer only limits to what we allow.

We can do anything.....................

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Way to go girl! School is much harder for mature adults than for teens and 20somethings. Congratulations!!!

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What an accomplishment ! Just going through school later in life is harder, but dealing with cancer and all the surgeries you should be really proud. You keep going- the next couple of years should be easier while you're in the swing of things!
Sandy :)

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Congratulations!!  I am so proud of you earning your degree - it's an incredible achievement that you were able to complete your studies while on chemo and going through the surgeries.  I'm in awe of your fortitude and determination!

i raise my glass to you - cheers!


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Very impressive with all the challenges you've faced.  You should be very proud of yourself.  Congratulations!

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fighting_ big_c
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That is truly amazing !!! I am all hands down to you! Keep up that spirit :)

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congratulatons.  You are a survivor so I know you will continue to do well.  You deserve so much for all you do here for us.  Wishing you good health as you reach for your goals.


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What a great accomplishment you respesent everyone so proudly. I hope the healthy younger group knows what you went through so when the complain they can think of you. Pray your next degree comes easier. Jeff

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Winter Marie

you are a true inspiration to everyone.

Congrats on your success.

everyone here at CSN land is so proud!




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Congratulations on your hard work.  You are a prime example of wanting something badly and not giving up.  Way to go!  I'm looking forward to hearing about you getting your bachelors in a couple of years.


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You Rock young lady, go girl go !!!!!!

Fantastic, you did it and now University.  It proofs we are never to old to learn or to dream.

Congratulations, well done.


Hugs, Marjan

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you just keep it up and stay focused on your dreams.you are truly a fighter.congrats graduate...Godbless....johnnybegood

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"You Did It!"

And 4 More...

"Very proud of you:)"

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Amazing achievement ... congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. Wishing you continuing success and many more years of success.

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Congrats!  I got my college degree when I was 45.  Major milestone in my life.

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What an accomplishment!  Revel in all your glory!

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oh congrats....what an amazing accomplishment.   so proud of you and in awe of your strength and determination......well done



Cathleen Mary
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You are really amazing!  Congratulations!  We are having a cyberspace party to celebrate you.

Cathleen Mary

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Miss Cindy L
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Congrads that is amazing!!! So proud of you!! I just signed up for college today for fall 2013 it's never too late to re invent yourself!!

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Double inspiration! Many more to come, congrats, congrats, congrats!!

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Posts: 588
Joined: May 2013

Double inspiration! Many more to come, congrats, congrats, congrats!!

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You put the rest of us to shame.  I am so very, very happy for you.   Monterey Bay, I think that is my most favorite place in the world.  We are planning a move up that way if all goes well.   George has a remission with his cancer for now.  


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Graduating under any circumstances is impressive, but given all the other challenges you've been facing, it's kind of a miracle.  Congrats!  AA

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but, WOW, congrats on your graduation!  And all the best while you continue your education!


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Looooong time girl!  Though I don't come here often anymore I have been following you nevertheless.  Your story....sooo uplifting especially since this is my two weeks of doc appts etc.

You will get to see the sea otters every day!!!!  My buddies! The old guy on the left side of the pier that sells crab and stuff will give you a free huge bag of fresh sardines or extra big amounts of what you want if he knows you are not a tourist.  HAHA

You still manic about your garden? Great cheese there too babe.

I miss you a lot but having trouble with these kinds of sites these days.  But that's me.

love ya and super gratz!


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Way to go Winter, I know you will totally "Rock" that degree! Laughing  Kim


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Woo Hooo Congratulations!  That is a large accomplishment!


Keep up the good fight!

Best ALways, mike

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