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Had appointment with surgeon-surgery July 12th-had question

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Went to an oncologist surgeon that was recommened by doctors in my sister's hospital. Lesion is in the upper part of the descending colon.  He said he will remove the whole descending colon and part of the upper rectum. He said that often the colonoscopy report does not adequately show where lesion is.  Now I am going for a tatoo to show that.  This seems like a lot of colon to lose for a 2 cm lesion.  My gastro thought only a small amount to each side of lesion would be necessary.  Now I am wondering if I should get a second opinion from a colon rectal surgeon. What do you think?


He said it would take a year for bowel movements to be what they were before surgery.  I thought maybe he meant everyday instead of every other day.  Now I am reading that eating the wrong food could cause 30 times in a day. Yikes.  I am grateful to be alive but not looking forward to all these side effects.  How has everyone been controlling this.

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What is your diagnosis?  Is the 2 cm lesion the only problem found during your colonscopy? Did you have a CT scan to see if cancer was anywhere else?  Did you ask the surgeon WHY he is recommending removing so much of the colon/rectum?  I'm assuming he has a reason...?

That said, I'm not a medical professional - but you are asking the right questions.  However, you really need to ask your surgeon.  And, of course, if you have concerns, definitely seek a second opinion! 

Any time there is surgery to the colon - it can take a while to regain any "normality".  Many find that they have a "new normal".  Everybody is different - so everyone responds and recovers at a different pace.  There are no guarantees. 

I wish you the best in this horrible journey.

Keep us updated!


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The lesion is the only problem found.  I had a CT scan and it is clear.  It did not even show the colon cancer but I know it is there.


I have been reading alot after I posted my question.  It seems that a left hemi is required for cure.  I read that it is necessary to take all the blood supply for the section.


This is so stressful and confusing.  But I guess I will try for a second opinion anyway.

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You do need to see a colorectal surgical specialist for a consult.  And I lost more colon than that (in separate areas) and was back to "normal" more quickly.  (Lost a piece of my sigmoid colon and a piece of my left colon.)

I go to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC - I don't know where you are located, but you need to get with an expert in this cancer.

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Hi, I had a left Hemi, high up left, lost 35 cm of my colon also 7 cm by rectum approx. 4 cm from anus.

After a week "normal" bowel movements resumed.... and here is the clincher... depending on my food. Sometimes no problems, sometimse a movement an hour after dinner.

That is my only problem at the moment after they removed 10 pounds of cancer 2 years ago. As said before it is induvidual for everyone. I think I have been lucky.

It took about 2 months after my operation before I was able to eat out without an accident or stopping on the way at a gas stations bathroom.

Always good to have a second opinion.

Keep us posted and good luck,


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