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Looking for all types of advice/suggestions

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35 years old, diagnosed 3/27/2013 with moderately differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma, T3N?M?, H. Pylori negative.  Tumor was ulcerated, approximately 6 cm, in middle body (lesser curve).  Exploratory laparoscopy showed no peritoneum involvement (negative biopsy and cytology).  PET/CT showed no other organ involvement, but some suspicious... distant lymph nodes with activity/enlargement (those lymph nodes were never biopsied, but if they are malignant, than I'm obviously stage IV).

I've almost completed three cycles of EOX (EO infusions every three weeks + 1500 Xeloda every day w/o a break).  Next week I have first post chemo tests (UES and PET/CT) to determine if/when they proceed with surgery.

I'm currently treated in Mt. Sinai and Sloan Kettering in NY.  In about 10 days, once I have test results back, I'm flying to MD Anderson for my first appointment with Dr. Ajani.

Scary part: I have this horrible life-threatening disease, but I feel absolutely fine.  Currently, I have no symptoms of disease and no side effects from chemo.  I work full time, have normal energy levels, good appetite etc.  In the last year, I lost approximately 25 pounds, but since I started chemo, I gained 13 pounds back.  I secretly hope that these are good signs, but rationally I understand that it probably doesn't mean very much and only tests will show how chemo is working.

I'm truly looking forward to receiving any information, advice, or feedback you may have.  I know sometimes people are reluctant to offer their views, opinions and suggestions in these types of situations, but I would appreciate hearing everything.  Obviously, please do not hesitate to ask me anything.

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I would like to talk with someone who is familiar with the above subject line.  I am not a cancer survivor, but I have a sister who is 54 years old.  Primary Care Physician diagnosed her with H Pylori and prescribed medicine for her which she completed taking.  She was fine for about a month and a half and then went back to the doctor because she was experiencing severe heartburn again.  She has had issues with heartburn for a long time.  Her PCP then sent her to a Gastrointerologist who performed an Endoscopy and Biopsy.  The Biopsy report stated that she had invasive aggressive high grade adenocarcinoma and the endoscopy showed a tumor in her stomach.  The Gastrointerologist referred her to a Surgical Oncologist who wanted to perform a gastrectomy.  We were told if the surgery lasted longer her prognosis would be better.  If he was in surgery for an hour or less the prognosis would not be good.  When the doctor came out of surgery this was on July 2, 2014.  he informed the family that he was unable to remove her stomach because the cancer had metastisized to her pancreas.  About 25% of her pancreas is cancerous now.  When asked if she was going to die (maybe it should have been asked a different way) he said he could not say if or when because he was not god.  We were never told the stage of her cancer other than it was advanced or what her chances of survival would or could be.  She did come out of surgery with a J Tube and after spending nine days in the hospital she is now at home.  Since the Surgical Oncologist could not do anything for her he has referred her to a Medical Oncologist.  Her first appointment with him is not until 7/24/2014.  I am sure that the two doctors have already spoken and I would hope that the Medical Oncologist has a plan of action.  I was making phone calls the day of my sisters surgery searching for another cancer center who would give us a second opinion.  That appt. won't be until 08/01/2014.  The day she left the hospital she was receiving 75 ml of Promote per hour continuously through her J tube and eating a clear liquid diet with some soft foods like oatmeal, yogurt, jello and such mixed in.  When in the hospital her J Tube was connected to a pump that pumped both water and the promote.   She came home on Friday 7/12/2014.  When she came home the pump only pumps the promote with no water at a rate of 30 ML per hour continuously.  CONFUSING!!!!!  She is still experiencing nausia and is still vomitting occasionally.  She has lost 5 lbs in the 2 days she has been home from the hospital.  The Home Health Nurse called the doctor about her J Tube feedings and they are going to work her back up to the 75 ML per hour continuously.  Then a nurse from the hospital called her today and told her not to be eating ANY solid foods.  And She had just worked up an appetite looking forward to some baked chicken that her daughter was cooking for her.  My sister feels like the doctors aren't doing enough quick enough.  I guess I am just looking some encouragement.  I know they say that a positive attitude goes a long way when fighting this disease.  But I would think that knowing where you are with the disease so that you can understand what you are fighting against.  When you know what your up against you can look for ways that will help you overcome the disease.  We are holding out hope.

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Hi, SallyAnne,

How are you and your mom doing?

Sorry to hear about your mom's story. I hope you are holding out hope.

When my husband vomitted a lot last August, it was found partial obstruction, then he had Gastric Bypass surgery which helped him a lot.

Praying for you and your mom!



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